A whirlpool tub can be an exciting and relaxing addition to any bathroom renovation project. Experiencing the relaxation of a whirlpool tub can be exhilarating. However, although this is an invigorating addition to your bathroom, there are some important factors you need to consider before purchasing your whirlpool tub.

1. Determine where your new tub will go. The easiest models to install are the 5- foot (1.5 m) long that can slide into your existing tub alcove. The Deck-mount tubs actually drop into the floor or a platform, which will then require a tile surround. The Recess-mount tubs fit between the walls, and they push up against the tub rim. Corner tubs are nice because they increase your floor space. Homecenter.com

2. Decide on what type of tub system you will want. There are two different types of systems you can choose from, which is the air-jet or whirlpool. An air-jet system is composed of air being propelled through dozens of small holes to create bubbles throughout the tub. In a whirlpool, air and water are forced through four to eight large jets for a vigorous massaging action. The jets will open, close and swivel, which will adjust the pressure and flow. There may be smaller jets that cycle the backrest to massage the feet or neck.

3. There are different materials a tub can be made from. There is the enameled cast iron one, which is durable but very heavy. You will need to be sure your floor is strong enough to support such a heavy tub. Lightweight plastic and molded acrylic resists stains better than the sprayed-on gel coated fiberglass tubs.

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4. When deciding on a tub, check to be sure that the jets are protected and have a sensor that will stop the motor if the water is too low. This will ensure the motor doesn’t burn out from lack of water. Don’t forget the built in grab bars, and make sure that you purchase one with slip-resistant floors for safety. The tub systems that have internal water heaters should maintain a consistent temperature.

5. Before you bring home any type of tub, make sure that your water heater is large enough to fill about two thirds of your tub with warm water. The whirlpool tubs can hold 25 to 150 gallons (95 to 560 liters) of water. Before you purchase a really big tub, remember all of that water and heat you will be using.

6. Access to the components of the tub is important in case there is maintenance required. There should be access by the panel in the tub surround. Whirlpool tubs could require a larger opening in order to reach the pipes. Air-jet tub systems only require access to the motor. 

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7. You should consider purchasing a tub with a self-cleaning system. Whirlpool tubs re-circulate the water. Therefore, their systems need to be cleaned frequently. Some of the air-jet systems will automatically purge bacteria-causing residue after each use.

8. Before venturing out to buy the whirlpool tub or air jet tub for your bathroom, consider how much you are willing to spend. With all of the different options available, including the system, size and materials, they can range anywhere from $1,000 up to $20,000 or more.

Whirlpool systems and the air-jet systems can be a lot of fun and a revitalizing addition to your bathroom renovation project. Be sure to take into consideration the above factors before purchasing your tub.

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