Profitable Home Improvements

Flipping a house is not a new concept. For a long time people have been renovating homes and then selling them for a profit. I’m sure just about everyone has seen or heard of the A&E, The Big Fix, AETV, and HGTV television series called Flip This House.

If you have watched the show then you would know that the two most important selling features of any home is the kitchen and the bathroom.

And since this site is all about bathrooms we are going to skip the kitchen and examine just what it takes to make your bath appealing so that you can make a decent ROI if a bathroom reno project is up to your alley and flipping your house is your intended purpose.

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One of the best ways to impress a prospective buyer is with a new bathtub. Modern tubs come in a greater variety of styles and models than ever before.

The good thing about modern tubs is that the are usually smaller than the more traditional older longer tubs and they are not as tall so the ceiling appears to be taller, leaving a more spacious impression on the home buyer.

Another important tip when renovating your bath is to keep your fixtures simple and unadorned, yet trendy enough for mass appeal. This does not mean colorless or tasteless, simple colors and surface textures go a long way to creating a sense of unity and design coherence when redoing a bathroom.

Eliminate any clutter or any unnecessary ornaments such as fishes on the walls or brightly patterned shower curtains. Rather purchase an unadorned shower curtain or another solution would be to match the shower curtain with your walls or even a clear curtain would fit the bill quite nicely to keep your bathroom feeling airy inviting and fresh.

This also leaves the door open for the prospective buyer to imagine in their own minds how their stuff will look in your bathroom giving them a greater sense of ownership.

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Don’t forget when renovating that less is more. Pedestal sinks are compact, hot, and trendy. If storage space is an issue when upgrading your loo, you can always install a wall hung cabinet above your new smaller, quieter, water-saving energy-efficient toilet.

Green Fixtures Increases Curb Appeal

Green energy efficient faucets and fixtures are always a good selling point. People want the latest fashions and they will love the fact that they will be saving money on their bills in the long run.

You might even consider a wall mounted sink as a viable alternative. Though this can be more work when renovating but the effect is worth the effort. A vessel sink mounted on a small vanity or modified chest will definitely create a luxurious upscale look to your bathroom for those upmarket buyers.

As a final note when staging your bath, use towels and linens that are fluffy enough to warrant an inviting touch. A slight hint of vanilla in the air is always engaging. Even soft music can set the mood for the prospective buyers.

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And don’t forget to add a large mirror to help optically enlarge your bathroom and fill the room with light or at least a nice framed mirror instead of the ugly medicine cabinet that is standard in most homes.

Wall scones on either side of the mirror are an added bonus that any homebuyer would appreciate in the morning when applying makeup or shaving.

So while we have covered the gamut of what you can renovate in your washroom, don’t feel that you have to tear down the walls and install the latest all-in-one steam shower and sauna unit just because it’s trendy.

The main thing that you should remember is to keep things simple and uncluttered, this alone will go a long way in increasing the appeal of your bathing area and will help to keep the costs down when you are planning to renovate your bathroom to eventually sell your home for profit.

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