Here is a question for you? Which bathroom fixture is used more than any other? If you guessed the bathroom sink, then double pump on that soap dispenser and get all lathered up as we give you the unsoiled facts on this grooming ritual. When it comes to bathroom sinks or washbasins as they are sometimes called, the primary decision you will have to make is whether you want a free standing fixture or one that is mounted on your counter top.

How much surface room do you need around your sink to perform your daily activities in your bathroom? A drop-down countertop model gives you plenty of area to work with around the sink and unobtrusively blends into the vanity. The vanity also conceals unsightly plumbing pipes and provides a readily available storage area you can use to hide away bathroom accessories, small appliances, and cleaning supplies.

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Unfortunately countertops can also become horridly cluttered and then you must consider how much space the vanity and countertop will take up in your small bathroom. Something you should take note of is the increasing popularity of above the counter washbasins. These models sit on the surface of your countertop with raised streamlined faucets to accommodate the new height.

The alternative to the countertop model is the free standing pedestal sink or a wall mounted model. The immediate benefit being that they are less bulky, take up less space and give your bathroom a more airy contemporary feel. Though you can purchase models that are era specific so if you want you can buy a fluted pedestal sink to create a vintage Victorian feel.

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If your bathroom has multiple users then you can place two pedestal sinks side by side, just remember to have a minimum of thirty inches between the sinks to make them easy to use. An island configuration is another arrangement where the two sinks are facing each other with a partition between them. Remember your minimum clearances and allow around three feet of working space in front of each sink.

The most obvious drawback to the pedestal sink is lack of counter space and storage capacity, though depending upon the model, the plumbing can be simply concealed by the pedestal stand extending down to the floor. While it may be unconventional, if you don’t have room in your powder room, you can install a washbasin in your adjacent master bedroom if necessary.

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And don’t forget about the amenities such as space for mirrors and conveniently placed electrical outlets. Light is also an important thing to think about. Natural light from a window will help to bring out skin tones and diffuse overhead artificial light to diminish unsightly cast shadows when grooming.

There are many ways to fit a bathroom sink into your overall bathroom layout. Remember the importance that color plays to create focus, even more so than the style or size of your washbasin. And don’t forget to purchase a faucet that helps you to conserve water. A unique bathroom sink can transform an otherwise mundane cleanup into a pleasant grooming experience.

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