Can you find top quality bathroom faucets under $50? Well yes, and I’d be sharing my five top quality cheap bathroom faucets, and share the best place to buy these bathroom faucets online that’s half the price you’ll find on popular stores.

Looking for under $100 bathroom faucets? Here are some.

5 Best Inexpensive Bathroom Faucets under $50 – Best Place to Buy Bathroom Faucets Online

Best Bathroom Faucets Under $50Best Place to Buy Online
NEWATER 078171 Waterfall Spout Bathroom Sink FaucetSee on Amazon
PARLOS 13598 2-Handle Bathroom Sink FaucetSee on Amazon
RKF BF023-MB Swivel Spout 2-handle Centerset FaucetSee on Amazon
Greenspring G-82003-FBA Chrome Waterfall Modern FaucetSee on Amazon
Homevacious HM-76009-ORB Oil (Rubbed Bronze) Sink FaucetSee on Amazon

NEWATER 078171 Waterfall Spout Bathroom Sink Faucet – Bathroom Faucets in Black

The NEWATER 078171 bathroom faucet is one of the best quality bathroom faucets under $50 you will find on the market. It comes in a brass body, which feels and looks top quality. It is mostly compatible with 1 and 3-hole installations. It is 6.5 inches in height.

The installation manual that came with the faucet was very detailed, so even if you’re not a handy person, installing shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. In our case, we realized that the length of the water lines that came with the NEWATER 078171 was not long enough, and needed to get an extension for it to cover the distance of the vanity top.

In all, the installation of this faucet took me around 30 minutes. The hot and cold water control works great, the pressure of the water was also great, not noisy. Since this is a black unit, we noticed water marks whenever splashes get on the faucet.

PARLOS 13598 2-Handle Bathroom Sink Faucet with Drain Assembly and Supply

Another one of our bathroom faucets under $50 is the PARLOS 13598. It comes with double levers that help with temperature and pressure control. The unit feels and looks durable, it comes with a pop-up stopper. You just have to push the drain cover down to stop the sink and push it down again to let out water. The unit feels classy, doesn’t cost much, and is of good quality.

It comes with support for a standard 3-hole counter. It comes with two water lines, and the fasteners that came with it mounted tightly on our granite countertop. During our installation, I made a mistake that I think you should note. Instead of tightening the fastener, I spent considerable time thinking that the correct process was to turn the entire drain.

This resulted in the top ring getting unscrewed, and the pop-up piece didn’t flush when I was pushing it in. I had to take it all apart, realized that I only had to tighten the ring first by hand before using a wrench.

But overall, for its price, the quality we got from the PARLOS 13598 bathroom faucet was excellent.

RKF BF023-MB Swivel Spout Two-handle Centerset bathroom faucet

I loved that this faucet is extremely well made, feels very heavy, and the polishing was cool. This is one of those cheap bathroom faucets that look expensive. The installation was pretty seamless, the plumbing pieces are plastic. I’d also recommend that you use plumbers putty with the rubber gaskets that come with the unit.

It comes with two levers for easy control of the temperature of the water, you also get a free set of metal popup drain and CUPC water lines. I loved the swivels, the height of the faucet, and the water pressure we got. The faucet isn’t noisy, which is one other cool thing.

The faucet fits the 4 inches existing holes and plumbing fittings without any need for extra parts. While they give a free drain tube, as I had mentioned, it was pretty useless. But overall, for its price and quality, I think the RKF BF023-MB bathroom faucet is a great deal.

Looking for modern bathroom faucets? Here are some.

Greenspring G-82003-FBA Chrome Waterfall Modern Deck Mount Bathroom Faucet

The Greenspring G-82003-FBA is one of the best bathroom faucets under $50 I could get my hands on. It comes with this unique design that makes the faucet look more expensive than it actually is.

It is compatible with 1 or 3 holes installations, it comes with reinforced, heavy-duty hoses. The hoses have double O-rings at the end, so you shouldn’t have any need for either tape or plumbers putty. The faucet is made with solid metal, we didn’t notice any fake chromed plastic. The polishing was also good, with the operation of the joystick being smooth and precise.

The color and shape stand out. The long hose is 20 inches. It also comes with plumber tape and a couple of other accessories that did the installation. I also loved that the fit and finish of the faucet was just cool.

The installation manual was also very detailed. It is great for all skill levels as we found it pretty easy to follow the instructions and have the faucet up and running in no time. Installation took me somewhere around 25 minutes in total. If you’re unsure of the process, you should get your plumber to assist.

Overall, going for under $40, this is one beautiful, top quality, cheap bathroom faucet I will recommend.

Homevacious HM-76009-ORB Bathroom Sink Faucet Black Waterfall Oil Rubbed Bronze

The bronze finishing on the Homevacious HM-76009-ORB Bathroom Sink Faucet creates an antique look you will love. It comes with a single one handle lever that makes controlling of water pressure and temperature easy.

I did like that the user manual was easy to follow, and the installation was seamless. Depending on your setup, the hoses that come with the Homevacious HM-76009-ORB Bathroom Sink Faucet could be long enough or shorter. During our installation, we realized that the later was the case. So try to measure the length of the hose on your existing faucet before placing an order for this.

The faucet is big enough and very heavy. If you have a smaller sink, this faucet might splash water off of the vanity. If that happens, you just have to turn down the pressure of the water and set it to a flow that is comfortable enough. The Homevacious HM-76009-ORB Bathroom Sink Faucet is easy to clean, and the water spots are pretty easy to remove.

I didn’t like that the depression at the end of the spout holds water, so it could easily become water stained. But overall, considering the price, the quality, the premium feel of a cheap bathroom faucet under $50, I think this is a great option, and a nice addition to any bathroom.