Styling a bathroom can be very tricky, it’s even less fun when you have to work on tiny apartment bathrooms. Getting the perfect combination of functions, colors, and personality can be possible with a unique set of bathroom accessories.

You get a lot of heavy lifting, as having a lot of accessories with the same color will reduce the time spent on looking for individual accessories that will fit. So I have picked five best discount bathroom accessories sets that will take your bathroom to the next level.

While this article focusses on cheap bathroom accessories set, it also considers things like the design and quality of these bathroom sets. So while these are inexpensive bathroom accessories sets, you can trust that they are the most beautiful and best quality ones you’ll find.

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Best Discount Bathroom Accessories Sets – Where to Buy

Discount Bathroom Accessories SetsBest Place to Buy
IMAVO 6-Piece Grey Bathroom Accessories SetSee on Amazon
Creative Scents 4-Piece Gray Bathroom Accessories SetSee on Amazon
Creative Scents 4-Piece Vintage White Bathroom Accessories SetSee on Amazon
Zuvo 6-Piece Luxury Bathroom Accessories SetSee on Amazon
Comfify 4-Piece Blue Ceramic Bathroom Accessories SetSee on Amazon

IMAVO 6-Piece Grey Bathroom Accessories Set [Black and Apricot]

The IMAVO 6-Piece grey bathroom accessories set also comes in black and apricot colors, so you can get this nicely designed set in other colors if grey isn’t what you’re looking for. It came with a toothbrush holder, a soap dispenser, soap dish, toilet brush holder, and a bathroom trash can. This is one of the cheapest bathroom accessories sets on the market with this many features.

The colors don’t fade easily, and that’s one thing you wouldn’t expect for something in this price range. They feel sturdy, the quality is top-notch, and the design can be matched with any bathroom easily. The trash can is big enough to hold more waste, and its plastic, which means it is water and mildew resistant.

The one thing I felt could be better was the quality of the brush, if that happens, then this set would be just perfect. I also noticed a faint smell after bringing the set out of the box. This quickly dissipated, though, so it isn’t like a con for me, but I think I should point that out.

Overall, if what you’re looking for is grey, black or apricot discount bathroom accessories sets, then this should be the place to start. It’s cheap, good quality, quality paint, and features a lot more items as part of the set.

Creative Scents 4-Piece Gray Mosaic Glass Bathroom Accessories Set

If you are looking for cheap bathroom accessories set that will complete your black and silver themed bathrooms, then this is one of the best you’d get on the market. These accessories have broken pieces of mirror on them which gives you a crackle glass look, which is very shiny.

It’s a 4-piece set that has a soap and lotion dispenser, toothbrush holder, soap dish, and a tumbler cup. While it’s a very inexpensive bathroom accessories set, it spells luxury. It makes a bold statement in any bathroom. They are designed to be used by multiple persons, so if you have a small family and need a set that everyone can use, then the Creative Scents bathroom accessories set is a great deal.

The soap pump can be tricky. You’d need to carefully shoot the soap, if not you would pump out more than necessary. I noticed that the toothbrush holder has no drain, which will make it hard to disinfect the cup. I felt, that while the set is beautiful and does a great job when it comes to decoration, cleaning could be very hard. You should consider these before deciding on going with it or not.

But for its price, the quality of the material, and the little discomforts, I feel it’s one unique bathroom accessories set that deserves a place on this list.

Creative Scents 4-Piece Vintage White Bathroom Accessories Set

If you are looking for discount bathroom accessories sets that will fit a white and gold themed bathroom, then this vintage white set from Creative Scents is a great deal. It comes with soap and lotion dispenser, a toothbrush and toothpaste holder, a tumbler, and a soap dish. White works with a lot of color schemes, so be sure that it works for yours and see if this will fit the bill.

This set of bathroom accessories is pretty easy to clean and disinfect. The material also feels strong and durable, it’s shock-proof, waterproof and it doesn’t lose its color or get weaker when it comes in contact with common bathroom products. The set looks elegant and premium, so if you’re looking for quality discount bathroom accessories sets, then you should consider this.

This set is beautifully made, the soap dispenser is well built, it’s large, and it pumps soap well. For its price, the ease of cleaning the set, the quality of the products that make up the set, I think these white bathroom accessories set from Creative Scents are a great value for the money spent.

Zuvo 6-Piece Luxury Bathroom Accessories Set – Cheap Bathroom Accessories Set

The Zuvo 6-piece luxury bathroom accessories set comes in 8 colors. Black, white, grey, purple, wine, lemon green, brown and beige. It’s a complete set of bathroom accessories, does a very good job of bringing your space to life. The set includes a lotion and soap dispenser, toothbrush and toothpaste holder, soap dish, toilet brush, tumbler cup, and trash can.

The toothbrush holder is large enough to hold up to 4 toothbrushes, so it’s a great choice for a large family. The trash can is fingerprint-proof, it also comes with a plastic base which protects the floor from scratches. The accessories are made from plastic, and they feel strong and well-built.

If you’re looking for inexpensive bathroom accessories set, then this remains one of the best deals you can get with as little money as possible.

Comfify 4-Piece Blue & Grey Ceramic Bathroom Accessories Set – Bathroom Accessories Set Amazon

This premium-looking ceramic bathroom accessories set comes in blue and grey colors. The set matches styles like Vintage Damask, Moroccan Trellis, Modern Concrete, Fluid Stone, Vintage Floral, Zen Garden, Wild Rose, and many others.

The set feels sturdy, well-built, and is of good quality. The metal pump in the soap and lotion dispenser is of good quality and is a step away from the plastic pumps we find on many dispensers. I loved how the set added a touch of elegance to the bathroom with its unique design and color.

I didn’t like that the toothbrush holder doesn’t have a drainage hole, so disinfecting it wouldn’t be easy, and it could easily get infected since the space doesn’t have good airflow. I also realized that I needed to be extra careful with the set as a whole. The set is made from ceramic, so any falls would automatically lead to damage that could range from slight parts breaking to shattering the entire unit.

But overall, for its price, the quality of the material, and the beauty of the set, I think the Comfify 4-Piece Blue and Grey Ceramic Bathroom Accessories Set is a worthy addition to this list of the best discount bathroom accessories sets.

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