This list includes five of my best modern bathroom faucets. These faucets aren’t just some of the best quality faucets you’ll find out there, they’re sporting amazing fancy designs, and they are produced by some of the best high-end bathroom faucet brands.

I picked this list of faucets based on our personal experience installing them and customer feedback. The quality of the faucet, the durability, and the brand behind the product are also things I considered. I arranged this list in order of my personal preference.

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5 Best Modern Bathroom Faucets on Amazon – Best Fancy Bathroom Faucets

Best Modern Bathroom FaucetsBest Place to Buy
Moen 6400BN Eva One-Handle Single Hole Bathroom Sink FaucetSee on Amazon
Delta 567LF-PP Faucet Modern Single Hole Bathroom FaucetSee on Amazon
MYHB 2515BN 360° Swivel Spout Bathroom Vessel Sink FaucetSee on Amazon
PARLOS Doris 14070 Waterfall Widespread Bathroom FaucetSee on Amazon
Moen T6420ORB Eva Two-Handle High-Arc 8-Inch Bathroom FaucetSee on Amazon

Moen 6400BN Eva One-Handle Single Hole Bathroom Sink Faucet

The Moen 6400BN Eva comes with a single handle lever that makes adjusting to the temperature and the pressure of the water easy. It is designed for 1 or 3 holes, and it comes with an added deck plate. The unit included two tiny little pieces, one silver the other red/blue. These are temperature indicators.

The high arc design of the faucet makes washing your face and getting water from the faucet very easy. Compared to some faucets, the arc design and the 1-2 inches out-projection also reduces the amount of water spilled on the counter and around the sink.

The Moen 6400BN Eva is top quality, the recessed aerator works well and coordinates well with light and towel bars. The faucet is made from metal, which also explains its heavyweight and sturdy build. On the tip of the Moen 6400BN Eva, you will notice a recessed screen that enhances the visual design of the faucet. You can also unscrew the screen and occasionally clean it with a separate red turn key that works just for that purpose. I will recommend that you be extra careful to not lose the small turn key.

If you need modern 1-hole bathroom faucets that will last decades and add to the feel of your bathroom both aesthetically and functionally, this is one nice addition.

Delta 567LF-PP Faucet Modern Single Hole Bathroom Faucet

Delta is one of the best high-end bathroom faucet brands, and their products and customer support are top-notch. The Delta 567LF-PP Faucet operates super smoothly, it’s pretty cheap, and the product package comes with everything you’d need to install the faucet, including a manual.

The build quality was also excellent, the faucet ran quietly, the water feed hoses were long enough for some of the installations, and were a bit shorter on some installations. You can buy coupling and short hoses to make the water feed lines longer.

The unit is heavy and it comes with a metal tub spout. I noticed that the brushed finish collects water spouts. If you’re not in the habit of wiping the faucet with a microfiber cloth every now and then to keep it looking sharp, then you might want to get something else. Or else, you could invest in wax which eliminates the need to constantly wipe the faucet down.

It works well for both single-hole, 3-hole, and 4 inches installations. If you are planning on using it for a 3-hole configuration, then you would need to purchase a deck plate.

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MYHB 2515BN 360° Swivel Spout Bathroom Vessel Sink Faucet

I would normally use only Delta and Moen for my jobs, but since I came across the MYHB 2515BN 360-degree bathroom faucet, my view has completely changed. I loved that it was pretty high, at 12.6 inches, and the spout is 9 inches high and has a reach of 5.5 inches. This is a full-brass faucet, it comes with a 360-degree swivel spout which adds to its convenience of use.

The drains that come with this faucet is metal, quality hardware, the water flow is excellent, and it isn’t noisy. Even after weeks of using the faucet, it doesn’t leak, doesn’t drip, and there isn’t any hard water spray splashing out of the sink.

The installation of the faucet was pretty easy for a handy person as it came with a DIY manual that was detailed and easy-to-follow. In most of our installations, we chose to use plumbers’ tapes when connecting the water supply lines and they seemed to work just fine, although that wasn’t part of the instructions in the manual.

Overall, for its price, its top quality hardware, its sturdy and heavy build, I think the MYHB 2515BN 360-degree Swivel Spout faucet is one of the best modern bathroom faucet deals you can get on a budget.

PARLOS Doris 14070 Waterfall Widespread Bathroom Faucet Double Handles

If you’re looking for top-quality modern 3-hole bathroom faucets, the PARLOS Doris 14070 Waterfall is one of the best options on the market. Going for half the price you will find on stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s, the bathroom faucet always does a good job of adding serenity to any bathroom it’s installed in.

The faucet functions as a high-end, top quality product, the design, and finishing are pretty nice, and it is heavy. Instead of the standard globe valve, the PARLOS Doris 14070 Waterfall faucet comes with a pressure regulator built-in, it also features two-handle levers which helps to easily regulate the pressure and temperature.

We also noticed that the popup drain length was longer than usual and we needed to make some adjustments for the under sink-trap to fit perfectly. I will also recommend that you be gentle when tightening and securing the connection as the copper is very thin and not very rigid.

I loved how easy-to-install this faucet was, the manual was pretty detailed, it feels premium and is visually appealing. For its price, I think the PARLOS Doris 14070 Waterfall faucet is a good deal.

Moen T6420ORB 9000 Eva Two-Handle High-Arc 8-Inch Widespread Bathroom Faucet

The Moen T6420ORB 9000 Eva comes with an arc spout that provides better clearance, it sports a two-lever design for ease of use. Moen is a big name in the high-end bathroom faucets niche, so quality is something you’d naturally expect.

We loved how heavy and sturdy the build is, it seats cleanly on the sink top, so water or gunk doesn’t have any space to collect. The moving part of the handle does not wiggle, it’s also pretty tightly connected. There are no cheap plastic parts made to look like metal, its metal built, and I appreciated that.

The new Moen valve design was something I also loved. It was so easy to install, the quality of the material and its design was excellent. The unit also came with installation instructions, which were very easy to follow. I noticed that the valves and faucet set installed separately. After installing the valves, the water can be turned back to the bathroom without the need to install the handles and spout until you have completed work on the bathroom and it won’t get damaged.

Overall, the Moen T6420ORB 9000 Eva is one of the best modern bathroom faucets on Amazon. It sells for half the price you will find it on other big home improvement stores while giving you better customer service, faster delivery, and a lifetime limited warranty.

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