Installing shower doors over a bathtub, or tub adds accent to any bathroom. It also doesn’t give space for water to spill on the floor outside, damaging it in the long term. The best shower doors for tubs solve the problem of leaky shower curtains and the need to regularly change shower curtains to maintain the looks of a bathroom.

This article details some of the best shower doors for tubs you can get on a budget, and at the bottom of the article, I will be including a video that will guide you through the process of installing these shower doors for tubs, from frameless, semi-frameless to sliding bathtub doors.

Looking for Inexpensive shower doors instead? Here are the best.

5 Best Shower Doors for Tubs – Where to Buy Discount Bathtub Doors

Best Shower Doors for TubsBest Place to Buy
DreamLine Enigma-XO Fully Frameless Sliding Tub DoorSee on Amazon
DreamLine Sapphire Semi-Frameless Bypass Tub DoorSee on Amazon
DreamLine Aqua Frameless Hinged Tub DoorSee on Amazon
DreamLine Visions Semi-Frameless Sliding Tub DoorSee on Amazon
DreamLine Encore Semi-Frameless Bypass Tub DoorSee on Amazon

DreamLine Enigma-XO 55-59 in. W x 62 in. H Fully Frameless Sliding Tub Door – Best Frameless Sliding Shower Doors for Tubs

The DreamLine Enigma is probably going to be the best, most beautiful frameless sliding shower doors for tubs. Installation mostly needs a professional, although you can do it yourself if you have experience with technical stuff or if you follow the guide religiously. This sliding tub door consists of a stationary panel and sliding door that can be adjusted for either a right or left opening based on the design of your space.

The DreamLine Enigma is 2/4 inches, 10mm thick clear tempered glass door, it also comes with a glass coating that makes it water and stain-resistant. Depending on the width of the tub, this sliding tub door can be trimmed down by 4 inches, but it doesn’t come with any adjustments for uneven walls. So you want to ensure that the walls are well plumbed before you start the installation.

The bathtub door is quite heavy, feels sturdy, and of good quality. During our installations, we needed at least two persons, so you would want to take note of that. Installing for us was a breeze because we have experience working on shower doors, so you should consider your experience or skill levels when deciding whether to or not to install these tub doors yourself.

DreamLine Sapphire 56-60 in. W x 60 in. H Semi-Frameless Bypass Tub Door

The DreamLine Sapphire semi-frameless tub door is also one we couldn’t help but recommend. The 8mm thick clear tempered glass is top quality. And it comes with guide rails that you can trim by up to 4 inches in case it’s bigger than the width of your bathtub.

The rollers are excellently designed, I noticed that there weren’t noises as the door glided, and the glide was pretty smooth. You also get two towel bars on the door that also serve as handles. It’s always recommended that you ensure that the walls are well-finished. If the walls are tiled, it’s better. This helps to get an accurate width measurement.

The door comes with an installation manual that is pretty detailed, and easy to follow. This is probably going to be the easiest-to-install door I have personally worked on.

After some installations, though, I noticed that there is a bit of water splashing through the gap, that’s between the door and the tub. We have been able to solve this by cutting a piece of PVC lumber to fit the width of the door track, then silicon it to the tub. To do this, you would need a table saw.

But overall, without taking much away from the product except the issues we had with water spilling out under the door, I think the DreamLine Sapphire is worth every dime spent on it.

DreamLine Aqua 48 in. W x 58 in. H Frameless Hinged Tub Door – Frameless Hinged Tub Door

If you have a smaller-sized bathroom, this tub door is sure a great fit. This is a hinged door, and you can install it to open either right or left ways depending on the layout of your space. Its best installed on an even, completely flat bathroom surface.

Like most tub and bathroom shower doors, you will need at least two persons to complete the installation if you have experience with these types of doors. If you don’t, we will always recommend getting a professional to do the job for you.

I loved the fact that the door doesn’t have the top and bottom rails which we find on most tub glass doors, so the installation was neater, and it looks even more modern. It’s also a pretty cheap bathtub shower door when compared to the first two tub doors we have on this list. The glass is 6mm thick, it feels well-made and sturdy.

Whether you’re a novice or expert when it comes to the installation of tub doors, the DreamLine Aqua comes with a very detailed installation manual. All the parts, even the smallest were labeled, making it very easy to know what goes where.

On some things I didn’t like about the tub door, it was the fact that the water that builds up drips down the exterior side of the tub when you open the glass. You also get a small knob that allows you to open the door from the shower side, so that helps to solve the problem of having to clean the room after coming out of the bathtub every time.

DreamLine Visions 56-60 in. W x 58 in. H Semi-Frameless Sliding Tub Door – Cheap Bathtub Sliding Doors

DreamLine Visions does a pretty good job of keeping the water inside the tub and keeping the floor outside the tub dry. I loved how easy to clean and install the tub was, while giving the bathroom an even more beautiful look and classy feel.

It comes with dual sliding doors that allow for more space for passage. It also comes with support for uneven walls. The wall profiles allow you to adjust the door by up to 1 inches on each side. You can also trim the lower and upper guide rails in case the bath is too small for the side of the sliding tub door. The clear tempered glass is 6mm thick, which is actually excellent.

The two doors also come with a magnetic lock, the doors are sturdy and weighty. Installation of the door took around 4 hours in total for us. If you are the do-it-yourself type, then you might want to get someone to join you because the unit is quite heavy. The installation guide was also very detailed, you’d appreciate that about the DreamLine Visions.

DreamLine Encore 56-60 in. W x 58 in. H Semi-Frameless Bypass Tub Door

The DreamLine Encore is solid, heavy, and well built. I loved the oil rubbed bronze finish which comes with it. The double sliding bypass design you get makes it easy to enter the shower from either side.

At 8mm thick, the DreamLine Encore is pretty strong. It also comes with water and stain resistance. I loved how easy the clear glass was to clean. After installation, the door does a really good job of keeping water from splashing outside the tub.

In addition to having specially designed rollers that were quiet and smooth, DreamLine Encore comes with two towel bars that can also be used as handles for the two sides of the door.

Speaking of installation, you don’t have a lot of freedom when it comes to adjustments for this door. It also doesn’t have good support for uneven walls, so you would ensure that your walls, whether finished with tiles or any other material is plumb. The door also comes with a pretty detailed installation guide, which should help someone put it in place fast. It’s still recommended, though, that the door be installed by a professional. So you have to consider your skill levels and decide if it’s something you can do yourself.

These are some of my choices for the best shower doors for tubs. Compared to other stores, Amazon has some of the best discount bathtub doors. These inexpensive bathtub doors are pretty easy and seamless to install, which is one of the things I always look for when getting any bathroom accessories that require specialized installation processes.

Installing Sliding Glass Tub Doors: How to Install Bathtub Shower Doors

Here is a video guide that takes you through the installation processes of these shower doors. This should be considered in relation to the specific installation guides that come with the shower doors for tubs you buy.