Picking good quality Turquoise shower curtains can be a challenge, especially as many websites are constantly trying to push these shower curtains into your hands. I have compiled a list of my best Turquoise show curtains on Amazon.

These shower curtains are top quality, they have good customer reviews, and you can easily get either a refund or a change of the product no questions asked if you ever feel like you didn’t make the best choice. Let’s take a look at my best 5.

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5 Best Turquoise Shower Curtains

Turquoise Shower CurtainsBest Place to Buy
Lush Decor Lillian Turquoise Shower CurtainSee on Amazon
Didihou Turquoise Shower CurtainSee on Amazon
Ambesonne Turquoise Shower CurtainSee on Amazon
Lush Decor Clara Turquoise Shower CurtainSee on Amazon
Goodbath Barn Door Turquoise Shower CurtainSee on Amazon

Lush Decor Lillian Turquoise Shower Curtain

A quality shower curtain that fits perfectly in kid and adult bathrooms. The shower curtain is nicely priced, and while mine arrived a little wrinkled, I washed it and iron it on medium heat, and it seemed to work just fine afterward. I loved how it fits perfectly in my rather small bathroom, while the color makes the room brighter than usual.

I loved the details that were given to the frilly bits at the top. The curtain is sheer but not see-through. Overall, after a couple of weeks using this shower curtain, I didn’t feel it wasn’t worth every dime spent on it. Mine remains a keeper, and I’ll always recommend it to anybody who is looking for a cool shower curtain.


I got the Didihou shower curtain from Amazon for my kid’s bathroom and my guestroom. And it blended well with my home décor. It was thick and high quality, the color is also very bright and beautiful. The curtain looks durable, and even though it is thick, it isn’t some heavyweight shower curtain that is stubborn to pull back and forth.

Overall, for the price this curtain sells for, I loved everything about it. I change shower curtains a lot, so being able to get one under $20 that fits and matches my home design was something I couldn’t miss.


This shower curtain is waterproof, environmentally friendly, and features bold graphics, vibrant colors, and clear imaging. For the period I used this shower curtain, I didn’t have issues with fading colors, and I loved that you could wash it with a washing machine.

This curtain comes with shower rings for easy hanging, it is thick, and not heavy, the installation was also seamless.

It came with a few wrinkles, but after I washed it with warm water and pressed it with medium-hot temperature, it has been just cool and hasn’t wrinkled ever since.

Lush Decor Clara

A soft 100 percent polyester fabric shower curtain, with bold, eye-catching colors. If you’re looking for a shower curtain to fit your bohemian-style bathroom décor, this is one nice choice. It isn’t waterproof, it is a very light material and it can be machine-washed.

If you are looking for a shower curtain to design a tiny interior bathroom, the Lush Decor Clara Turquoise Shower Curtain is an amazing choice every time. Like the other shower curtains on this list, this Turquoise Shower Curtain also came with minor wrinkles, but after it got exposure to shower steam for some time, the wrinkles started to relax.

Overall, for a shower curtain under $30, the Lush Decor Clara looks and feels premium.

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Goodbath Barn Door Turquoise Shower Curtain

This Barn Door-style shower curtain is a great fit for anyone who has a farmhouse themed bathroom. The shower curtain is cheap, feels thin, and is waterproof.

You get an optional shower curtain liner. The print is on one side, while it is machine-washable, it doesn’t fade due to regular washing. I loved the quality and the feel of the Goodbath Barn Door Turquoise shower curtain.

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