Water-saving shower heads are bathroom fixtures that reduce water consumption when bathing. This type of eco-friendly water-saving device can be found on the home improvement market in the form of different brands, designs, and functionality. In this article, I am sharing the best water-saving shower heads and the brands behind them.

Needless to say, these shower heads are preferred by those that want water-saving products with the intent of going green when purchasing shower accessories and other sustainable green products when remodeling their homes.

Modern water-saving shower head manufacturers have honed in on the green trend and have incorporated design options to produce shower heads that reduce water usage without sacrificing superior performance.

Waterpik® EcoFlow® Shower Heads, Oxygenics® Water Saving Shower Heads as well as water-saving showerheads by Delta are just a few of the high-efficiency showerhead brands on the market. Nowadays, it is easy for just about anyone to find water-saving shower heads that will attend to their immediate bathing needs without burning a hole in their pocket.

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Best Low flow water-saving showerhead

Let’s now take a look at some of the best water-saving shower heads and the brands that are behind them. These shower heads are pretty high quality, you always get good value for money.

Delta Water Saving Shower Heads

As we all know conserving water at home is now enforced through government laws and regulations that guide the manufacturing process of bath fixtures. Delta is not new to the home improvement market and like many other brands has taken the initiative to offer water-saving products in its shower faucet and shower head collection. The Delta-Transitional Water-saving Showerhead is one of its eco-friendly water-saving shower heads that uses the latest technology to guarantee an invigorating shower with its 1.6gpm flow.

This product uses H2Okinetic® Technology and as such, only 36% of the water is delivered to the end-user. For those that want to conserve water at home, this is a significant saving that accumulates over time, especially in homes that have a big family.

Here are the best Delta water saving shower heads.

Many local and international brands know that there is a widespread consciousness about green remodeling and living and as such have adapted their bath collections to supplement these changes in the home improvement market. Not only does this mean that you can cut your water use in the shower with different water-saving shower heads and bathtub faucets, but you can see how this water reduction has a direct impact on your utility bills and the abundant selection of models is sure to fit any budget and bathroom decor.

If you are looking for product solutions to save water and money when you step into your shower, then the best place to start is by changing your old water-consuming shower head to a newer high-efficiency showerhead model. As such, knowing which models of water-saving shower heads are being offered on the market and their capabilities is the most important part of finding a showerhead that not only reduces water output but also fits in nicely with your bath decor.

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Waterpik® EcoFlow® Shower Heads

Waterpik® EcoFlow® Shower Heads are known across the USA for their innovation and also for the savings that they guarantee users. The company boasts that its water-saving shower heads can save up to $100 on water bills annually. To some, this might appear to be a minimal sum, but if you look at it from a long-term basis then it is easy to see that these sustainable bathroom fixtures are perfect for reducing water waste in your bathroom.

Ecoflow has a wide selection of water-saving shower heads that range from a handheld low-flow shower head, fixed mount shower heads, to rain shower heads. All three showerhead models are uniquely engineered to attend to specific preferences while guaranteeing the perfect shower experience. The water-saving shower heads that they offer have different spray systems that range from two spray settings to seven spray settings. The company has a tradition of excellence with its use of chrome to guarantee longevity with its water-efficient showerheads.

Here are the best Waterpik water-saving showerheads.

Oxygenics® Water Saving Shower Heads Reviews

Oxygenics® water head shower heads are finely designed fittings that flee contemporary styles to give homeowners a more modern look in their bathrooms. These water-saving plumbing fixtures can be found in a variety of finishes and materials to complement the theme of your bathing space. Whether you are looking for classic chrome, brushed nickel, bronze, or the daring presence of gold, Oxygenics® has everything you need to choose the perfect water-saving shower heads to save on water when you shower.

Here are the best Oxygenics water saving shower heads

The Five Star™ Resort Spa® is among the list of prized water-saving shower heads that have placed its products on the high-end market. In addition to this, there is also the Storm which saves up to 70% of water. It has 54 spray nozzles to make taking a shower an enjoyable experience while saving water with this water-saving bathroom fixture. There is also the Evolution series that have the latest showerhead engineering to save from 20-70% of water to aid you in your energy and water-saving strategies.

There is also the Delta Contemporary Watersaving Showerhead that uses the same H2Okinetic® Technology but only produces a 1.5gpm flow. This low flow water saver is specially designed to produce larger drops than the previously mentioned products thus giving a raindrop sensation on one’s body.

These water-saving shower heads are being offered in chrome and are perfect for going green users that are looking for energy and water-saving strategies to enhance their lives and save natural resources at the same time. Low flow showerheads that control the shower head flow rate pressure to reduce water output are here to stay.

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All you now have to decide is which model will complement your bath décor and just how much water you want to save which is a good reason to remodel your bathing space starting with a brand spanking new water-saving shower head.