I picked about five amazing bathroom faucets we have used on personal projects and client repair jobs. These cheap bathroom faucets under $100 are some of the best quality bathroom faucets you can get without ever breaking the bank.

I picked them based on the quality you get, the brand behind the product, and our experience from the time we got the faucets to the time we have them installed, to even the post-installation feedback we got both from customers and those we got from our team. Let’s take a look at each of these.

Looking for under $50 bathroom faucets? Here are some.

6 Cheap Bathroom Faucets under $100 – Best Modern Bathroom Faucets on Amazon

6 Bathroom Faucets under $100Best Place to Buy
Delta B2596LF-OB Windemere Centerset Bathroom FaucetSee on Amazon
Homevacious HM-76556-ORB-2 Waterfall Bathroom FaucetSee on Amazon
PARLOS 14068 2 Handles Waterfall Bathroom FaucetSee on Amazon
Delta 567LF-PP Modern Single Handle / Hole Bathroom FaucetSee on Amazon
Moen 6702 Genta One-Handle Single Hole Modern FaucetSee on Amazon
BWE 6556H-Black Black Bathroom Faucet with Drain AssemblySee on Amazon

Delta B2596LF-OB Faucet Windemere Centerset Bathroom Faucet Oil Rubbed Bronze

The first bathroom faucet on our list is the Delta B2596LF-OB. From the first feel, you could sense the quality of this inexpensive bathroom faucet from Delta, coupled with the cool design. It feels sturdy, I find chrome finishing quite attractive, so for me, this was a great deal. After installing it in the bathroom, I realized we got a cheap bathroom faucet under $100 that looks pretty classy with the rest of the bathroom.

The Delta B2596LF-OB comes designed to work with 3-hole 4 inches centerset configurations. The installation process was very easy as we have some experience with these. But I felt that the installation guide that comes with the product could be better. If a novice was to try to install this, it could be very had to follow. One of the things the manual recommended was silicon, but it leaked when we tried that option. We had to ditch silicon for plumbers putty for the drain and it worked just fine.

As soon as you get the frail lift configuration right, the rest of the installation is pretty and less prone to huge errors.This faucet comes with a Lifetime Limited warranty, and it is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Overall, for its price, and the amazing quality that we got on this beautiful bathroom faucet, I think the Delta B2596LF-OB is a great option, and it’s the first I recommend to customers.

Homevacious HM-76556-ORB-2 Waterfall Bronze Black Bathroom Faucet

The Homevacious HM-76556-ORB-2 Waterfall bathroom faucet sports a unique waterfall style, a laminar stream that gives you a really beautiful presentation of the water. The lever on its head makes waterflow and temperature adjustment very easy. It comes with a built-in ceramic disc cartridge which produces as little probability of leakage as possible.

The Homevacious HM-76556-ORB-2 Waterfall bathroom faucet is all metal. It feels heavy and sturdy. The hoses are already preinstalled and have been labeled individually for both hot and cold water.

For someone who isn’t very handy, this faucet is pretty to install, and I loved how the product’s installation guide was very detailed and easy-to-follow. You just have to put the O-ring on the bottom, slide the escutcheon on, and in our case, we decided to go without the included pad.

After treading the hoses on the sink, we added the gasket and bracket to the screw, screwed the nut with the wrench that comes with the faucet, and then connected the two prelabeled hoses we mentioned. If you are not very handy, you might need to get a plumber; the installation shouldn’t take more than one hour at most.

One thing I noticed which I didn’t like was how hard it is to remove debris from the faucet. I’d hope the company included a DIY guide on cleaning the device of debris for beginners. But I loved this faucet from Homevacious, one of the best bathroom faucet brands in the United States.

PARLOS 14068 2 Handles Waterfall Bathroom Faucet

I loved the PARLOS 14068 heavy-duty, top quality bathroom faucet. It comes with a matching finish pop-up drain assembly and water supply hose. It comes with support for 3-hole, 4 inches centerset design. It features 2 lever handles, which helps for effortless temperature and waterflow control.

It was very easy to install this. The hard part throughout the installation of this bathroom faucet is removing the old one. The design is unique, the product comes with everything you’ll need for installation. We used the supplied gasket for the drain. The plunger click-lock drain pipe was very great as it worked without the push-and-pull pin you’d typically find on a faucet. The braided cover of the supply lines is also top quality.

The waterfall design has minimal splashes. I didn’t like that the brand name was boldly printed on the front, but that was actually because I noticed and looked hard enough. For its price, being able to get these quality bathroom faucets for what is almost half of what Home Depot bathroom faucets costs at this same quality, I think this is a steal.

Delta 567LF-PP Modern Single Handle / Hole Bathroom Faucet

The next top quality product on our cheap bathroom faucets under $100 list is the Delta 567LF-PP. The build quality is excellent, and the flow was very free and quiet. I just didn’t like that the water feed hoses weren’t as long as I would have needed for that installation, so I had to get a coupling and two short hoses to extend it.   

It’s one heavy piece, and it looks premium. The spout is far enough, so it works well with most sinks. The water sports get on brushed nickel pretty quickly, in fact, as soon as we made the spots, the faucet looked like it’s been installed for years. We had to use a product called Perfect Sink, and it was easy to clean, with the water spots coming off very neatly.

It is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, it comes with a coordinating pop-up drain assembly, and it’s compatible with either a single or three-hole, 4 inches configuration. If you’d want to use this for a 3-hole installation, then you would have to purchase a deck plate that will be compatible.

The installation took us around 1 hour to complete, but that could be either longer or shorter depending on your skill level. If you can’t seem to handle it, it wouldn’t cost much to call the plumber to have it installed.

Looking for modern bathroom faucets? Here are some.

Moen 6702 Genta One-Handle Single Hole Modern Bathroom Sink Faucet

If you’re targeting a mirror-like look, the chrome finishing on the Moen 6702 Genta works well with any decorating style. It comes included with Escutcheon, with support for 1 or 3 holes. With its single handle, you will be able to adjust the temperature and pressure of the water seamlessly. It’s also a good option if you’re taller or would like something taller than usual. It’s a 5.16 inches spout height and 4.56 inches spout reach.

This modern bathroom faucet doesn’t feel cheap. It is heavy as it is made of all metal. Because of its height, we noticed that it splashed water outside the sink and made the sink look small on some of our installations. So I would consider the size of a sink before getting this particular option.

The installation is pretty painless, the water hoses come attached and are just long enough. I loved that about the Moen 6702 Genta. It also comes with a cover plate in case you are installing it on a 3-hole sink.

I didn’t think the installation manual was detailed enough, as they seem to mix-up the instruction when you’re trying to install the drain lever through the faucet to below the sink. They recommended that you install the faucet and tighten it on the sink first, but actually, you won’t be able to fit the drain lever through the sinkhole after you tighten the sink. We decided to install the drain first before tightening the faucet and it worked fine.

Overall, I loved the quality, the lifetime warranty that comes with the product, and the fact that they are made of chrome and brass. Selling for just under $98, this is one of the best quality cheap bathroom faucets under $100 you’ll find.

BWE 6556H-Black Matte Black Bathroom Faucet with Drain Assembly and Supply Line

The last modern bathroom faucet on our list of cheap bathroom faucets under $100 is the BWE 6556H-Black Matte Black Bathroom Faucet. I loved the Matte black finish of the BWE 6556H-Black. It gives it that antique look which always adds a touch of elegance to any room. The faucet comes with a single lever that controls the flow and temperature of the water. It also comes preinstalled with hot and cold water hoses. The height of the faucet was also one reason I loved it.

It’s pretty heavy and sturdy, which I loved.  It is well-made, and I have heard reports from some of our clients that they loved the quality and look of the BWE 6556H-Black bathroom faucet. The one time I have had issues with this faucet was when I didn’t tighten it correctly. That was the first time I installed it. I had noticed that there was a subtle leak, so I checked and noticed that the hose connections in the faucet had loosened as I let the lines twist when I was tightening it the first time.

It comes with an installation guide that was very straightforward and detailed. Overall, I loved the BWE 6556H-Black bathroom faucet for its being top quality, cheap, and still giving that elegant look and flawless function.