Are you looking for cheap bathroom shower curtain sets without rugs? This article takes a look at 5 cheapest bathroom shower curtain sets.

I’d like to point out that these are not complete bathroom sets with rugs and lid covers. This article only focuses on shower curtain sets that come with rings to hang them. Since this article is focusing on cheap options, I will be keeping my selections under the $30 mark. I pick amazing shower curtain sets that are of top quality, those that have been tried and trusted.

Looking for complete bathroom sets with shower curtains and rugs and accessories? Here are the best.

5 Top Cheap Bathroom Shower Curtain Sets

Cheap Bathroom Shower Curtain SetsBest Place to Buy
AmazonBasics Mold and Mildew Resistant Shower Curtain setSee on Amazon
Creative Home Ideas Ombre Textured Shower Curtain setSee on Amazon
YoKii 36 Inch Stall Shower Curtain setSee on Amazon
Yougai Shower Curtain SetSee on Amazon
Ambesonne Nautical Shower CurtainSee on Amazon

AmazonBasics Mold and Mildew Resistant Shower Curtain set

Selling under $12, this would probably qualify as the best shower curtain set on amazon. It’s cheap, and it comes in some unique combination of materials that helps it repel water. I found it super helpful to wash the curtain every once in a while, so I can only say it repelled mold and dirt because I didn’t allow it lye around for long without washing.

It comes with plastic ring hooks, which some customers might not like. It did the job for me though. The material (which isn’t fabric) is pretty lightweight, the design looks nice in my bathroom, and the ring holes that come with this shower curtain set are the same we find on most other curtains.

Overall, I was able to keep water from leaking out of the shower while using the curtain without any additional plastic curtain liner. It dries quickly, and it can be machine washed. So for less than $12, I think I get all I needed.

Creative Home Ideas Ombre Textured Shower Curtain set

If you are looking for unique fancy shower curtains, this is one amazing choice. The set features a shower curtain and 12 metal hooks with color-coordinated plastic beads. We noticed that the metal rings don’t rust easily. The fabric doesn’t fade even after washing repeatedly with a washing machine, making this one of the best fabric shower curtains.

The curtain doesn’t snap easily, it sports pretty top quality material, and it can be fixed on the rod easily. You will have to crimp the rings to hold the curtains, so you would want to take safety measures.

The color variations also make it very easy to get contrasting colors in any bathroom setting, and one thing I noticed was that my cats loved to claw at the fabric. For some reason, they could easily clean between their claws and toes with the fabric, but this would sometimes result in damage to the fabric.

Overall, I loved the feel, look, and quality of this shower curtain, and I couldn’t do without adding it to my list of cheap bathroom shower curtain sets.

YoKii 36-Inch Stall Shower Curtain set

Featuring a resin coating technology, the YoKii 36 inches Stall Shower Curtain set comes with improved water resistance. So water just slides off the fabric shower curtain, and it rarely houses molds.

The fabric is pretty durable, it’s also soft, and heavy-duty. This is probably going to be the priciest among my cheap bathroom shower curtain set, and that’s for good reason. Many of us hate using featherweight shower curtains, so having a heavy one might actually do the job for us.

I didn’t quite notice what difference the longer length would make until I hanged it. The curtain makes the room look more spacious, and I love the quality of the fabric and the fringes on the bottom of the curtain.

While the fabric is thin and soft, it’s not see-through, it comes with wrinkles, but after using it for some time, the steamer should help get the wrinkles out.

For its price, it’s probably not going to qualify as the cheapest bathroom shower curtain set. It sure does a good job but requires a little more investment.

Yougai Shower Curtain Set

There is a brief story behind my decision to use this shower curtain. I first went to Walmart and Target to find a nice curtain that would also be waterproof. I noticed that some of them are either not water-resistant fabrics or aren’t just beautiful.

This shower curtain’s biggest selling point was the designs. I didn’t waste time to get it as soon as I saw it on Amazon. It sells great for under $20, its waterproof, sports durable polyester fabric while ensuring that water doesn’t splash outside the bath area.

You don’t need a liner with this shower curtain, the hem is perfectly weighted, the top header has been reinforced, and the metal rings are rust-resistant. You can wash with a washing machine, and the color won’t fade.

It feels soft, not too thick. You can easily install the shower curtain, and I loved how it doesn’t have any chemical smells which can result in allergic reactions for some. It came rumpled, but after washing it and as a result of the steamer, it later became just fine.

Ambesonne Nautical Shower Curtain

The last on this list of cheap bathroom shower curtain sets is the Ambesonne Nautical Curtain set. It comes in a more cloth-like material than polyester which the company seems to be touting it as. The material is non-vinyl and non-PEVA, it can be washed with a washing machine and wouldn’t lose color quality.

It’s a uniquely patterned shower curtain, the materials are water and moisture resistant. I loved that the stitching is well done, and the edges are in no way messy. Instead of metal rings, the Ambesonne Nautical Shower Curtain set comes with plastic rings, but they hold in place neatly, so I wouldn’t see that as a takeaway.

The fabric is soft, it doesn’t come with a liner, so you would have to add yours.  Overall, for less than $15, this is one nice addition to my list of cheap bathroom shower curtain sets you can find on Amazon.

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