In this article, I’ll show you my cheapest 5 complete bathroom sets with shower curtains and rugs and accessories. Each of these complete bathroom sets come with accessories and rugs that are matching. So if you’re looking to have a uniform setting in your bathroom, then these are the best.

I selected those that only have good quality, best customer reviews, and some of those I have personally used. So let’s dive straight into my list of the best five complete bathroom sets with shower curtains and rugs and accessories.

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5 Cheap Complete Bathroom Sets With Shower Curtain and Rugs

Best Complete Bathroom SetsWhere to Buy
Sea Turtle full bathroom setSee on Amazon
Kids Zone Home Linen full bathroom setSee on Amazon
Evermarket full bathroom setSee on Amazon
Better Home Style bathroom bundle setSee on Amazon
Romeooera set for bathroomSee on Amazon

Sea Turtle full bathroom set

This is one amazing bathroom décor option if you have kids, or if you love turtles. The shower curtain fabric is made of polyester fabric and its waterproof. Even if you wash this bathroom set with a washing machine, it still managed to maintain the colors.

This complete bathroom set works for most bathrooms, and the set is pretty easy to install.

The toilet seat cover and the rugs are thin, I also had to use an anti-slip mat under the toilet rug to prevent it from slipping off. As for the toilet seat cover, it remained in place on the toilet seat lid, so I think that’s a plus.

The mat is puffy, so depending on the design of your bathroom, you might have issues if it’s close to the door opening.

Overall, this set of bathroom accessories is an amazing deal at the price it comes at. The ease of installation, the durability of the material, and the uniformity it provides to your bathrooms is another thing you will love.

Kids Zone Home Linen full bathroom set

This set of bathroom accessories was very easy to unpack and install. The shower curtain was top quality material, the floor mats lay flat on the ground and never get bunched up throughout the time I used it.

The mats and the curtain are water-resistant, and if the cleaning is regularly done, the shower curtain won’t have space for molds.

The toilet seat cover doesn’t hold in place as I would have loved, it was just too big. I should point out that the mats are memory foam and the shower curtain is microfiber.

Overall, for a set of bathroom accessories selling under $40, I think the Kids Zone Home Linen full bathroom set is worth every dime I spent on it. As for the oversize lid cover, I felt the problem could be the shape of my toilet seat, so you should consider that before deciding to or not buy this bathroom set.

EVERMARKET Full Bathroom Set

Friends who saw this bathroom set in my house loved it. The design was nice, and everything fit perfectly in my bathroom. The bathroom mat feels comfortable. The mat, rug, lid cover, and shower curtain were easy to clean and didn’t fade even after washing with the washing machine repeatedly.

It’s not recommended that you dry in direct sunlight to protect the color. The curtain also offers good privacy, doesn’t allow water splash outside, but isn’t waterproof.

The mat doesn’t seem to stay in place and could cause someone to slip. I had to use carpet tape to keep it in place. I felt the rugs can also be thicker as they felt way too thin for my liking.

But overall, for its price and the beauty, I feel it’s a cool set of bathroom accessories.

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Better Home Style Bathroom Bundle Set

The eye-catching design of this bathroom shower curtain is the first thing you’ll probably notice. Its machine washable, and you shouldn’t get any color fading.

The mats have a latex rubber backing, so they don’t slip. I loved that the curtain doesn’t easily absorb water, and dries up pretty quickly. Regularly cleaning the curtain helps ensure that the stains and molds are not retained or developed.

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Depending on the type of toilet lid you have, the seat covers could have a hard time fitting. On my round toilet seat cover, it worked perfectly, but as soon as I tried using it on an oval toilet seat cover, it just wouldn’t fit in place.

Washing the rug and mat was also pretty much a breeze as it washed-up nicely.

It sells for under $40, so both on the price and quality fronts, I believe this bathroom bundle set deserves a place on this list.

Romeooera Set for Bathroom – Pink Shower Curtain and Rug Set

I loved how the curtain that comes with this set easily fits into my shower. The curtain is water repellent, and the water easily glided off the surface of the material, it didn’t soak the water from splashes, and it was a great option even without a liner.

If you’re looking for a pink-themed bathroom design, then this set is a great choice. You also get gold stars and dots that make the design of this bathroom set standout.

The toilet lid and the curtain looked pretty durable, I didn’t like that the toilet mat was small, while both the mat and rug were tin. While the toilet seat cover fit, it looked bent, and the curtain came rumpled. I washed mine and did a little ironing with low-to-medium level temperature and it was all fine afterward. You might also just hang it and allow it straighten up as you use the steam.

So those are my cheapest complete bathroom sets with shower curtain and rugs and accessories. Each of them comes in a unique design, they are easily customizable, and they all come with rings for hanging.

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