Shower bases are great alternatives if you don’t want to create a sloped mortar bed or tile your shower floor. A shower base saves you the cost of a mortar bed and shower floor, but it could be very pricey. So I have picked five cheap shower bases that would be giving you what you need without breaking the bank.

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5 Cheap Shower Base Reviews – Best Place to Buy a Shower Base

5 Cheap Shower Base IdeasBest Place to Buy
DreamLine SlimLine Center Drain Single ThresholdSee on Amazon
Redi Base Integrated Shower Pan with Center DrainSee on Amazon
DreamLine SlimLine Right Drain Single Threshold Shower BaseSee on Amazon
DreamLine SlimLine Center Drain Single Threshold Shower BaseSee on Amazon
DreamLine SlimLine Corner Drain Double Threshold Shower BaseSee on Amazon

DreamLine SlimLine Center Drain Single Threshold White 32×32 Shower Base – Best Shower Base for Tile Walls       

Going for almost half the price you will find at the local Home Depot, this 32×32 shower base is a perfect fit for your shower. The quality of the shower base is top-notch, as DreamLine is a reputable name in the bathroom accessories niche.

If used for the right size toilet, this shower base should match your existing drain perfectly. If for any reason you have issues with getting it to match the drain line, you might get an offset drain, which would most likely do the trick for you. I loved how sturdy and easy to clean it was. It was a bit shiny, and I don’t fancy my shower pan being very shiny.

You’d probably need an experienced person to handle the installation of this shower base, and that could cost somewhere in the region of $100 or more. I have experience with this, so installation took me somewhere around 3 hours in all.

Overall, I loved how beautiful, detailed, strong, and cheap this shower base is.

Redi Base Integrated Shower Pan with Center Drain – Tile Ready Shower Base

While it’s a great product, it isn’t the easiest shower pan to install. If the installation instructions aren’t extensively followed, you might spend a good chunk of time trying to set this up, and you’d want to be careful to level the base in mortar so the water drains properly. Just follow the instructions, take your time and installation shouldn’t be too hard.

The waterproofing is great, and even though the pan felt very light and unstable at first, I noticed it was very stable after the installation. So I wouldn’t worry about that. This base comes with enough epoxy to tile the entire pan and curb, just ensure that you use the right trowel size. The epoxy dries up pretty quickly afterward, so only mix enough for the area you are working on.

If you already have tiling in place, then this shower pan does a pretty great job. If you don’t have tiling already, and you want to install a shower base on a budget, then this isn’t the right one for you.

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DreamLine SlimLine Right Drain Single Threshold 34 x 60 Shower Base in White

I loved how beautiful and easy-to-install this shower base was. The base is cheaper and requires an even lesser amount of time to install. If you are using the Kohler shower door (as I have noticed on some of our projects) this shower base seems to fit just perfectly.

The installation manual is clear and concise. The shower base looks beautiful and is of good quality. It is thick, heavy and it has good surface traction. The drain opening on this shower base fits standard 2 inches compression fitted drains, and if your foundation slab isn’t perfectly flat, you might need to have it leveled up.

Overall, for its quality, price, and ease of installation and how sturdy it feels, I think this shower base is a great deal if you’re on a budget.

DreamLine SlimLine Center Drain Single Threshold Black 34 x 60 Shower Base

One other pretty cheap shower drain I couldn’t leave out is the DreamLine SlimLine 34 x 60 Shower Base. It looks very solid and attractive, it is heavy, so it seats well in the bathroom. It sports a gloss finish, it has a very low threshold, and if you set it in thin-set, you can trust that it will be very solid.

I loved how easy it was to remove tiny amounts of mortar and grout that stuck to this shower base during installation. Removing of these didn’t damage the base, and it looked as good as new after doing the finishing cleaning.

The drain location is centered on the width, and the surface of the base is slip-resistant as with most shower bases. If you don’t have experience with the installation of this, you might need to get a professional to have it installed for you. Installation isn’t all that time-consuming for someone who has a handle on this.

DreamLine SlimLine Corner Drain Double Threshold 32×32 Shower Base

This double threshold corner drain shower pan is great not only for home bathrooms but also for RV bathrooms. The surface is slip-resistant, and it sports a premium high gloss acrylic finish, which makes it easy to maintain its look. The drain opening works well with the standard 2 inches compression fitted drains.

The quality of this acrylic shower base was ok; it feels very sturdy and fits well on the walls. For a professional, the installation of this shower base could take more than 2 hours. Overall, both on price and quality fronts, I think this shower base is one of the best budget shower pans on the market.

So those are my top picks for the best cheap shower bases. Which of these will you try out?

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