Are you looking for cheap shower doors? I have picked five of my best choices of doors, with some that are frameless sliding glass shower doors. Each of these shower doors is top quality. I also ensured that the top five doors have good customer reviews, they are also relatively cheap, selling as low as $400.

None of these are used shower doors, so you can trust that you’d be getting completely new doors. Whether you’re in the UK, Ireland, Dublin, Canada, or the United States, these are some of the best brands of shower doors you will find on the market.

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Top 5 Cheap Shower Doors – Best Place to Buy Shower Doors

5 Cheap Shower DoorsBest Place to Buy
VIGO VG6041CHCL7274 ElanSee on Amazon
Kohler 702200-L-MX Fluence See on Amazon
Delta SD3957026 ClassicSee on Amazon
DreamLine Infinity-Z Semi-FramelessSee on Amazon
DreamLine Encore Semi-FramelessSee on Amazon

VIGO VG6041CHCL7274 Elan Sliding Frameless Shower Door Review

The VIGO VG6041CHCL7274 Elan Sliding Frameless Shower Door is one very heavy, high quality, and nicely built shower door. Depending on your skill level, you might need a professional to have this door installed for you. The engineering tolerances are super tight; in fact, I couldn’t even use some clear plastic washers as they didn’t fit.

In total, the installation process of this shower door took me somewhere around 5 hours. I’d highly recommend that you measure everything and be double-sure before cutting. Be extra careful when cutting the top bar as any mistake could lead to a permanently damaged door.

The instruction manual is very lengthy and pretty extensive. Read it as many times as possible to get a good handle on the process.

This frameless sliding door saves you a lot of space in the bathroom, it looks elegant, and it just increases the value of the whole house.

Speaking of dimensions, this door has a max space of 70 inches. If your bathroom is a little wider, say between 70 and 75 inches, a great idea is to put white sturdy plastic materials to fill the spaces and then fix the doors to them.

The sliding door comes with a limited lifetime warranty, and a 1-year warranty on the shower seal strips for the shower doors and shower enclosures. Overall, for a good price, this is one great deal if you’re looking for cheap, but top quality sliding glass shower doors.

Kohler 702200-L-MX Fluence Sliding Bath Door with Thick Crystal Clear Glass Review

If you’re looking for a bathroom sliding door that’s transparent, makes the bathroom feel more spacious, and also looks sharp and well-built, the Kohler 702200-L-MX is your best deal. It sells for a little over $400, which is miles cheaper than the VIGO VG6041CHCL7274.

The door is well-made and sturdy, I loved how each door is capable of sliding from one end to the other end, overlapping each other completely. It doesn’t have handles or knobs that disturb the slide in any way.

Installation of this sliding bath door took me somewhere in the region of 4 hours, but that is with some DIY prowess and technical know-how. You might have to spend a few more bucks to get someone who can help with the installation.

I noticed a little black smudge on the glass, but maybe that’s just an issue with my sliding glass door. Overall, for its price, its ease of installation, and the look and feel it gives your home, this is a great deal.

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Delta SD3957026 Classic Semi-Frameless Contemporary Sliding Shower Review

The Delta SD3957026 Classic Semi-Frameless Contemporary Sliding Shower is very solid, it is well built and the support framing is strong and thick. This sliding shower door looks very easy to install as the manual is more detailed and easy-to-follow than some others we have here. In case you’re unsure, you should contact someone knowledgeable before you begin the installation.

The installation is a two-person job as the door is moderately heavy, but it doesn’t take all day to have it installed and affixed. In total, we were able to install the shower door in around 3 hours. We had to file the top bar for it to fit in the brackets, and we noticed that the clear upper rubber bumpers weren’t big enough, and the center rail guide screw location conflicted with some parts of the track edging.

The door handle is designed in a way that it can also serve as the towel bar.

From the price, to ease of installation, and the final product which does a pretty good job of keeping water out of the room, I think this sliding glass door is a great deal.

DreamLine Infinity-Z Semi-Frameless Cheap Sliding Shower Door Review

Can we even talk about cheap semi-frameless and frameless sliding glass shower doors without mentioning Dreamline as a brand? The company has a reputation for being one of the top go-to destinations of bathroom accessories.

DreamLine Infinity-Z looks very nice after installation. It requires a couple of squaring, marking, drilling, and cutting, so I would always recommend that you double-measure before doing any modifications. It’s also recommended not to attach the silver decorative backs over the rollers until you’re certain that the rollers are correctly installed.

The door comes with an allowance for uneven walls as it inserts into the frame’s groove to a certain degree. The parts are pretty easy to assemble, and the door comes with an opposite sliding door configuration. I loved that the nylon wheel assembly pivots enough to provide effortless sliding of the door. The wheel assembly is also sturdy enough.

It took around 4 hours for two persons to have this sliding shower door installed. Depending on your shower opening, you might need to make modifications to the bars. The metal pieces scratch quickly, so we had to take extra care, and we didn’t experience a rattle or clang after we had everything set.

Overall, for its price, I think this is one nice shower sliding door. It sure deserves its place on this list of cheap shower doors.

DreamLine Encore Semi-Frameless Bypass Shower Door Review

The last of our cheap shower doors is the DreamLine Encore Semi-Frameless Bypass Shower Door. The first thing I loved after the installation was just that it doesn’t leak water outside the bath. The water always drains into the shower because the bottom frame is open. That reduces damage and makes cleaning the shower door very easy.

The piece on the top of the rail holds the weight of the doors, and it feels like solid aluminum, so the door doesn’t move, and you can easily get the perfect level.

The quality is top-notch, the installation instructions are also very detailed, and for ease and fast installation, you might either decide to follow the manual to the letter or hire someone to do the dirty work for you.

Overall, for the cheaper price, and the quality you get, I think this will be a good addition to any bathroom.

So those are the cheapest shower doors with amazing quality that I have personally worked with. Which of these would you love to try?

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