Want to know how to convert single bathroom sink to double bathroom sink? If you are thinking of converting a single sink to a double bathroom sink, the most important consideration in your bathroom renovation decision is to determine if you have enough space for adapting a single sink vanity into a modern double sink spread.

Sure, remodeling your only bathroom sink into a contemporary double sink masterpiece is a great way to update an older bathroom, and a pair of sinks is always better than one in a busy bathroom environment. But the last thing you want when converting a single sink to a double bathroom sink is to make your bathroom cramped and crowded.

Changing out your old bathroom sink for new practical dual his and her double lavatory sink basins should feel like a natural use of your bathroom space. If you are renovating your entire bathroom, then you have more space options for your single to double vanity sink conversion. But if you are simply replacing your single sink with a double sink set, then your options are limited. This guide will be helping you to convert single bathroom sink to double.

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How to Convert Single Bathroom Sink to Double – Step By Step

The Bump Test

The best way to test this is to have two people stand in your bathroom, in the space where the double sink vanity will be installed, and see if they feel like there is adequate space. If they can go through the motions of regular bathroom activities, like washing their face and brushing their teeth, at the same time without constantly bumping into each other, then chance are your space is good for converting a single sink to a double bathroom sink.

Once you have your space issues sorted out, the next step in converting a single sink to a double bathroom sink is to choose the design that suits your tastes and your needs. When it comes to remodeling your only bathroom sink into a contemporary double sink, do you have classic bathroom design tastes, or do you lean towards the more modern bath design spectrum?

If your tastes are traditional, and you’re looking at simply replacing your sing sink vanity with a double sink countertop design, then you should be able to find your double sink replacement in most home improvement stores.

However, if your design choices for transforming a solitary sink to double bathroom hand basins have a more modern bent, then you might have to turn to more high-end, bathroom specialty shops to find the dual sink design that’s right for you.

Do You Need to Update Your Plumbing?

Of course, when retrofitting your grooming space you have to take into account the plumbing.  More than likely you will have to make some changes to your pipes and fittings to accommodate the extra bowl. Just how far you want to go with the conversion will impose some limitations on the design of your double basin layout.

For example, you may want to simply go with a dual pedestal sink spread or two small lavatory vanities. However, chances are your plumbing is only designed to accommodate a single fixture, which means having to install a second set of drains and lines to accommodate your new arrangement. But if you want to lessen your construction without major plumbing adaptions in your bathroom, then you should consider a single vanity that contains two washing bowls.

This way, you can use the existing plumbing lines and tie both sinks into what you already have, hiding all of the plumbing within the single vanity. The good part is that all of the parts necessary will be available online or at your local hardware store.

Making the Most of Location

Renovating a single bath sink into a double is becoming a popular home improvement idea. As we get busier and space gets harder to find, compartmentalizing your layout makes practical sense. While double sink status is a relatively easy and straight-forward remodeling project, it’s important to take into account the amount of space that the conversion will take.

Remember that this means that two people will be occupying your bath at any given time so plan carefully to avoid conflict. But if you do have space, then converting a single sink to a double basin arrangement is a great way of redefining your grooming station and making more efficient use of your home.

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