Add Charm or Drama to Your Lighting

Well treated windows can add charm or drama to any bathroom. Windows not only offer you a beautiful scenic view, they also let in warm sunlight and open up the space of a small bathroom to help it look more expansive.

The only stipulation is that the window treatments should complement the overall bathroom décor. The main elements of a bathroom window treatment are the location and size of the window along with the style and shape of the window frame and glass.

And of course don’t forget about the window coverings whether they are curtains or blinds, they should all be included in the planning stage of your bathroom layout.

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Is Privacy an Issue?

When privacy is not a problem, use clear glass to let in as much light as possible. The alternative is to use a frosted glass with plenty of translucence.

Another novel solution is to use one way glass (sometimes called mirrored glass) that allows you to see out but blocks people passing by from peeking in on you as a result of having a coating of reflective material on the outside of the glass. Still there is tinted glass, this offers some privacy and also is good for bathrooms in strong direct sunlight most of the day.

Stained Glass Windows

If you really want to get creative then install a custom made stained glass window or if that would be too expensive then you can always just hang a stained glass framework made from transparent glass like material in front of your glass window to get the same effect. You can even continue the design on your shower doors to make sure everything matches.

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Creating a Modern Feel

Shutters, blinds and curtains are your typical window treatments. Wood and metal blinds add a modern feel to your bathroom and should be sealed or painted with a water resistant coating to defend against moisture damage such as warping or rusting.

Curtains add a more romantic feel to your bathroom. Just remember to make sure that your bathroom is heated and well ventilated to help the fabrics withstand the humidity in your bathroom.

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