Everyone loves to look good. Whether it’s wearing makeup, shaving, squeezing acne, or even wearing contact lenses, we spend considerable time trying to look the best straight out of the bathroom.

Great bathroom mirrors shouldn’t break the pocket, so I picked 5 of the best quality affordable bathroom mirrors now selling at discounted prices from some of the best brands in the industry.

Top 5 Affordable Bathroom Mirrors Online – And the Best Place to Buy Them

Affordable Bathroom MirrorsWhere to Buy
Miusco Wall Mounted Two-Sided Round Bathroom MirrorSee on Amazon
Moen DN2692BN Glenshir Frameless Pivoting Bathroom MirrorSee on Amazon
Hamilton Hills Large Simple Square Bathroom MirrorSee on Amazon
HBCY Creations Black Round 24 Inch Large Round MirrorSee on Amazon
Hamilton Hills Clean Large Silver Frame Bathroom MirrorSee on Amazon

Miusco Wall Mounted Two-Sided Round Bathroom Makeup Vanity Mirror

The Miusco mirror comes with a double-sided 8 inches wide-angle viewing area. It’s pretty sturdy, feels heavy, and comes with an adjustable arm that can extend by up to 13 inches for better views from different angles.

This mirror brings a classy look to a bathroom as both sides of the mirror reflect crystal clear images. The mirror was also very easy to install, all moving parts were top quality. The magnifying feature makes it a great addition to bathrooms for seniors, or generally anyone who would appreciate not having to strain their eyes to see the small details.

Another thing I absolutely loved about this bathroom mirror was that it goes perfectly with contemporary décor. I felt the swing arm was too tense to move as it always felt like I was going to pull the anchors out of the wall every time I tried moving it.

But for its price, the features you get, and the ease of installation and use, this remains one of the best cheap bathroom mirrors you’ll find online.

Moen DN2692BN Glenshire 26-Inch x 22-Inch Frameless Pivoting Bathroom Tilting Mirror

The Moen Glenshire is another one of our best inexpensive bathroom mirrors. It can be tilted to your best angle, and you are getting a 1-year limited lifetime warranty from the company. It took around 15 minutes to install the oval-shaped mirror, and everything worked just perfectly, adding to the beauty of our bathroom.

When it arrived, we realized that it was bigger than it states online. The dimensions that the product has is from the top to the bottom of the glass oval, while on the width, it’s actually from hinge to hinge. When it arrived, we noticed that it was longer than expected, so that was a pass for me.

While the installation took around 15 minutes for us, I’d like to point out that it also comes with a very detailed, and easy-to-follow installation manual. You want to be careful of installing the hinges first; try to locate and install the mounting plates for the hinges before separately attaching the hinges to the mirror, and then attach everything to the mounting plates that have been attached to the wall previously.

In case you have drywall, then you’d be better served using the screws for drywall mounting to ensure that the mirror stays firmly on the walls. The mirror is heavy, and of good quality, so you want to ensure that it’s mounted to the wall firmly especially if you want to use the tilt feature without issues.

I loved the mirror for the price, the ease of having it installed, and the quality of materials. I have used the Moen Glenshire for some 6 months, and I think it deserves its place among these best affordable bathroom mirrors.

Hamilton Hills Large Simple Square Bathroom Mirror – Best Place to Buy Bathroom Mirrors

These large bathroom mirrors are beautiful and they feel strong and heavy. The mirror comes with a sleek, clean, bezelled edge, and it sports a solid core wood backing which gives it stability and reinforcement. If you are looking for affordable bathroom mirrors, Hamilton Hills is one American brand that provides these at the best quality.

The installation was a breeze, the mirror comes with reinforced D-ring hanging clips plus screws and hardware that make it easy to hang. It also sports rubber bumpers that protect your wall from damage and the mirror from vibrations.

The installation manual was pretty detailed, very easy to follow. The one thing we will recommend when mounting it is to get the measurements correct. You could even decide not to nail it into a stud. With two hangers that have good spacing, you should be able to hang this bathroom mirror with ease.

Hamilton Hills remains the best place to buy top quality, inexpensive bathroom mirrors. I loved the quality of this mirror, the detailed manual that helps with the installation, the beauty it adds to a modern bathroom, and the fact that I got to save more while getting a great deal.

HBCY Creations Black Round 24 Inch Large Round Mirror for Bathroom

This 24 inches HBCY Creations round mirror for bathrooms remains one of the best quality ones you will get. The mirror is made in a metal frame, which guarantees that it’s sturdy, heavy and adds to the aesthetic beauty of the design. The mirror can also work if you are looking for a black bathroom mirror, a black entry mirror, or even a black vanity mirror.

The installation of the mirror was also pretty seamless. You get a small manual that helps you get it hanging up on the wall in no time. The only thing that didn’t go well for me was that it came with wall anchor and screws for only concrete hanging. If you want to hang on drywall, you would need some other supports.

But overall, for the quality of the metal frame, the fact that the frame doesn’t take too much real estate, and for being one of the best quality cheap bathroom mirrors, I think this is a great value for money if you’re looking for a round black mirror with metal frame.

Hamilton Hills Clean Large Modern Antiqued Silver Frame Bathroom Mirror – Best Place to Buy Bathroom Mirrors

If you are looking for affordable bathroom mirrors that are large, and that will work with oil rubbed bronze fixtures perfectly, then this is your guy. The mirror was solid, sturdy, well-built, and very heavy.

The mirror is easy to install as it came with a very detailed installation guide. I loved how the mirror was recessed into the deep frame, it protected it from vibrations and shocks. The mirror also comes with reinforced D-ring hanging clips plus wall hardware and screws with which you can hang it, both horizontally and vertically.

During our installations, I didn’t feel that the screws and hardware that came with the mirror was strong enough to hold it, so I had to do some modifications to stay on the safe side. But I have spoken with friends who installed theirs with the hardware from the company and it seems to hold the mirror in place.

But overall, for the price, which is considerably lower than some high-end mirrors, and the quality which is also as good as many high-end mirrors, this large mirror from Hamilton Hills remains one of my best when it comes to bathroom mirrors.

So those are my best affordable bathroom mirrors you can find online. I have included links to Amazon, so you can trust that the quality of the products, time to deliver, and the price you’ll find it will be the best you’ll find online.

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