The Convenience of Multimedia to Start Your Day

Ok, so we all know how great and convenient it would be to have a TV hanging on your bathroom wall while you relax in your tub after a hard days work. But here is a slight twist for you, did you know you can also get a television embedded in your bathroom mirror as well. What was that? I heard that you know… I hear some of you saying, so what?

I already spend too much time in the bathroom, you say, I certainly don’t need the distraction of a TV while putting on my face in the morning. For some of us that may be true but I say unto you my friend, if you have the cash you might as well flash.

Besides this is not just another time-wasting pastime, on the contrary, it is a time-saving innovation and probably will be the wave of the future just like iPods and interactive cell phones and PDA’s. Beam me up Scotty!

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I know if I put a TV in my bathroom I’d never leave, since it’s probably the only place in my whole entire house where I can really get any privacy. After all they say that the average man spends over four years of his life in the bathroom and the average woman over two and a half years.

Based upon the stereotypical image of a woman always hogging the bathroom, this seems rather odd but hey, figures are figures, and those smug staunch researchers in their pearly white smocks and dark rimmed glasses are usually quite accurate with their calculations, so I guess we have to believe them.

How the heck does this TV mirror work anyway? Not to mention, aren’t you not suppose to mix water and electricity? Well, the TV mirror is a normal bathroom mirror when the set is turned off, allowing for a complete mirror reflection in a non-obtrusive way to hide the television when it is off.

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Watch the News While you Brush Your Teeth

Then just like magic, when the display is turned on, the screen is conveniently displayed as a window within the mirror, so you can watch the morning news while you brush your teeth.

What’s great about these TV’s is that the picture stays clear of condensation because the heated screen keeps the monitor clear so you can even watch TV while taking a hot showerto ensure the ultimate viewing experience.

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The unit comes with a waterproof remote control and can either have integrated waterproof speakers mounted on the TV or waterproof ceiling speakers can be recessed into the walls or ceiling. The price range is about $2500 – $5000 depending upon the size of the TV.

The TV mirror is great if you have limited wall space because they can be integrated into your mirror. They are completely water and tamper proof. And if you don’t want to run a whole bunch of wires through the wall you can purchase a wireless HDMI.

They not only give you enjoyment but are totally blended into the bathroom environment which adds to a more modern look that does not distract from your bathroom décorand leaves you feeling as well as looking smart. Multi-media in your bathroom is the wave of the future.

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