Your lifestyle, eating and sleeping habits highly contribute to your weight, and it’s highly recommended that you check your weight every morning. This is because you’d only get the most accurate figures in the morning before you eat and put on your dresses. Some bathroom scales, whether analog or digital, can be quite pricey, so I picked some affordable options; the best inexpensive bathroom scales you can find on the market right now.

These inexpensive bathroom scales reviews break down each of these scales, discussing their features, and why they are the best quality bathroom scales for your morning routine. This includes both digital and analog bathroom scales, so you get to choose from the very best.

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5 Best-Rated Accurate Inexpensive Bathroom Scales for Sale

Affordable Bathroom ScalesWhere to Buy
Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom ScaleSee on Amazon
SmarTake Precision Digital Body Bathroom Weight ScaleSee on Amazon
Conair Thinner Extra-Large Dial Analog Precision Bathroom ScaleSee on Amazon
Innotech Digital Bathroom ScaleSee on Amazon
Sunbeam SAB602-05 Full View Analog ScaleSee on Amazon

Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale

At over 30,000 customer reviews, the Etekcity digital bathroom scale is probably the most popular right now. The bathroom scale is highly accurate, it comes with auto-calibration, auto-off when inactive, overload indicator, LCD, and low battery indicator.

We tried using a 10 pounds rice bag to test the accuracy of the bathroom scale, and we noticed that it was giving us 9.8 pounds. This accuracy was just perfect for a bodyweight measuring device, and for those who aren’t moving from analog to digital bathroom scales because of accuracy, this product will surely make you change your mind. After a year of using the scale, the measurements are still fairly accurate, so I think it gets a pass.

For the most accurate weights, I always recommend placing the scale on the level floor, without carpets or anything under. It’s also best to wait until you see the two zeros after tapping it near the top before stepping on the scale.

The scale comes with two original AAA batteries, and even after a year, I’d personally say they passed. At a height of 0.625 inches, the scale is flat enough to fit under most things, so storage has never been a problem.

On things I didn’t like about the scale, its glass surface requires regular cleaning because it shows water stains.

But overall, if what you need is a digital and accurate affordable bathroom scale, then this is one of the best options available to you. I will always recommend it.

SmarTake Precision Digital Body Bathroom Weight Scale

The SmarTake digital body bathroom scale is another very accurate scale that takes measurements as soon as you step on it, in about 3 seconds. It comes with a measurement range of between 11lb and 400lb. The top is nonslip, and the tempered glass is 6mm thick. I loved how strong, sturdy, and a little weighty the scale is.

The numbers are pretty easy to read as the display is against a white background. I noticed that the scale works better on linoleum floors or hard bathroom tiles. I also noticed that placing the scales on either rugs or carpets make the reading inaccurate, but everything was just perfect after placing it directly on a flat hard floor.

The scale looks beautiful, which is one other thing I couldn’t take away from the device. It stores your previous weight reading until after you use it again, and I couldn’t appreciate that more. It also has an auto-shutoff feature which shuts the weight as soon as you step off.

On some things that I didn’t like, I felt that the SmarTake digital body bathroom scale gets smudged a lot of times after use. I also didn’t like that the scales could easily get dirty, especially the white-colored ones. To keep the scales in the neatest conditions, I have had to clean them more often than I would clean my black scales.

But for being one of the best inexpensive bathroom scales with some of the best features and operations, I think this passes as one of my best, for being a cheap bathroom scale, being accurate, and being lightweight.

Conair Thinner Extra-Large Dial Analog Precision Bathroom Scale – Best Analog Bathroom Scale

The Conair thinner extra-large analog bathroom scale is probably one of the best options of cheap analog bathroom scales you will find on the market. It is extra-large, which is perfect if you’re a bigger person. It’s also pretty easy to read, with a max weight capacity of 330 pounds.

I’d like to point out quickly that this analog scale will need recalibration before and after some time of continuous use. You can use the dial that’s at the bottom of the scale to spin, which will then, in around two seconds recalibrate the scale. If you’re more for a bathroom scale that wouldn’t require changing of batteries after some time, then the Conair thinner extra-large analog bathroom scale is a great option.

The size makes it very easy to see the numbers, and it feels so sturdy. You could paint the tip of the dial red with nail polish. It makes it very easy for me to spot the dial, saving me some valuable seconds of looking for it every time.

On something I didn’t really like about the Conair thinner extra-large analog bathroom scale, it will be the occasional inaccurate figures I get. But every time that happens, I only spin the dial to recalibrate it and everything worked fine.

Innotech Digital Bathroom Scale

This Innotech digital bathroom scale is one of the best affordable bathroom scales I could find that is easy to use and of good quality. You get auto calibration with this scale, so it automatically resets the readings to zero, while providing instant readings.

It’s also pretty sturdy, quite heavy, with quality 6mm tempered glass. It’s thin, so storage shouldn’t be much of an issue. Concerning accuracy, it’s only off by 0.2lb, which is as good as perfect in my books. It features a maximum weight reading of 400lbs.

I loved how easy-to-read the display was. The display doesn’t go off or clear the readings as soon as you step off. You can still bend over to check the readings if you need to. It uses the standard c2032 batteries, not the big AAA batteries.

Depending on your preferred weight unit, you can easily change between st./lb/kg using a button on the back of the scale. The scale is pretty accurate and consistent. I have kicked it accidentally a couple of times, and it remains in the perfect condition, no breakages.

I noticed that you sometimes have to activate the scale by tapping on it and waiting for it to zero out. If you try to weigh before activating it, you will probably get a reading that is a little off.

For its price, the quality of the product, ease of using it, and the accuracy and consistency of the results, this remains one of my best cheap digital bathroom scales on Amazon.

Sunbeam SAB602-05 Full View Analog Bathroom Scale – Affordable Bathroom Scale

The Sunbeam full view analog bathroom scale is one of the most accurate mechanical bathroom scales around. It comes with a 4.4 inches easy-to-read dial display, it comes with a large enough platform for comfortable standing. It can weigh up to 330lbs.

Compared to many analog bathroom scales, you wouldn’t have to always readjust to zero after the initial calibration for this to work correctly, although you have an option to do that as a troubleshooting feature. When compared to most doctor scales, the Sunbeam bathroom scale is very accurate.

If you don’t want all the stress of keeping a battery running on a bathroom scale, this analog scale makes your life a lot easier. I loved that this scale is heavy, sturdy, and pretty rugged. The top is made from plastic but is seating on a metal frame.

Overall, the Sunbeam scale is one of the top options when it comes to the best inexpensive bathroom scales. I loved how easy it is, and how less of maintenance it requires compared to digital bathroom scales.

So those are my best affordable bathroom scales. These bathroom scales are for sale on Amazon. If you’d like to know the price of each bathroom scale, just click any links attached to the product. You will be sent to Amazon, where you can order the scale and benefit from deals like discounts and one-day deliveries.

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