Quick and Easy Toilet Plumbing

So the in-laws are coming to stay for the summer and there is no toilet in the basement or perhaps you would like to make it more convenient for a senior or handicapped family member but you don’t have the time or the inclination to rip up the basement floor or floor boards to put one in.

What do you do? Well the people over at Saniflo have just the solution you are looking for. All you need is a water and electric power supply.

If you need to put a bathroom where conventional plumbing makes it difficult or even impossible, Saniflo lets you put a toilet in any room in your house without the standard plumbing drains.

That’s right, you heard me correct, no floor drain needed! Saniflo requires no floor drain so you don’t have to break through the basement floor and the great thing is if you change your mind or want to move it to a different room, the whole process is reversible.

The way the toilet works is that when the toilet is flushed the toilet paper and excrement is sucked into the back of the toilet into a box where the waste is mulched and then the resulting broken down sewage is pumped through a three-quarter inch line into the houses main waste stack.

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Works Anywhere You Need it

The process is called Maceration which refers to softening or breaking into pieces with liquid. With an improved design and flushing system, the Saniflo systems pump is quite capable so you can locate the toilet as far as 9ft below the sewer level or up to 150ft away.

Another added benefit is the small foot print of the system, the Saniflo toilets can be installed under the stairs or even in a closet if space is an issue.

The down side is the cost of The Saniflo system which can cost anywhere from $600-$1000 based upon the toilet model you choose.

Factoring in the installation, when everything is said and done can cost as high as $2000 but for the added convenience and flexibility of the system, the pros outweigh the cons if you are looking for a system that can be easily installed in your spare room or basement within a day.

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