The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in a home. It is one of the only rooms that you can really feel like yourself. Go all natural as it were. It is here you can create your personal oasis of comfort and peace, and above all, it is only here that you can really be alone with your thoughts.

To create the perfect bathroom, everything around you should be pleasant to your eyes and evoke an atmosphere of satisfaction in order to reach maximum comfort. Therefore, when you have decided to take on a bathroom renovation project you should think over everything up to the smallest details. 

Think over the purpose and functionality of every component in your loo. Select matching light fixtures and create harmony in your choice of bathroom tiles colors with other bathroom elements. Decorate with purpose, with the various accessories designed exactly to create the theme and style you want to produce.

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So, you decided to take your bathroom arrangement seriously, where shall we start with? Well to begin with,  you must measure the total area of the room.  If the radius of your bathroom is not that big, try to purchase fixtures that are not too bulky to take full advantage of the space. There should be enough space between bathroom elements so as to allow free movement without hindering or obstructing regular bathroom activities.

You need to decide what exactly you want to see in your bathroom: a shower stall can save you space, or if you have a larger bathroom, set a bathtub by itself in the middle of the room to add atmosphere and sophistication. In any case regardless of your choice of one or the other option you need to know the properties of the bathroom elements and accessories so you can create the look and feel that you want.

Choose a suitable bathroom sink, there are plenty of them, If you are really pressed for space, there are mini and corner sinks, which are perfectly suitable for small powder rooms. If you decided not to use wall hung bathroom units, you can instead install a nice cabinet under your washbasin, which are not only attractive but will give you additional storage space for bathroom all your bathroom accessories.

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Above the bathroom sink, you may install mirrors but you don’t have to limit yourself here, full length wall mirrors will brighten the room and give your small bath increased perception of space. Above the mirror, or next to it is advisable to install spotlights or lamps, which will light well every corner of your lovely smile in front of it.

A towel heater is not only a warm pampering luxury, but it has the added benefit of keeping mold at bay in your bathroom and off your fabrics.

In order to save space and enhance the ultra modernism of your bathroom design, you may use wall hung bathroom units. For a clean contemporary look, this is perfect because of the complete absence of any pipes, mixers, tanks because everything is hidden inside the bathroom walls giving your bathroom a simplistic trendy feel.

When buying a new bathtub you may choose one with a spa unit in it, these jetted tubs will make your everyday life more joyful and comfortable as the jet relieve your daily stress.

Accessories can make or break a bathroom so be sure they blend in harmoniously with the rest of your bathroom decor.

And it is also important to mention about your selection of color palette for your bathroom. If a room is small, try to avoid dark shades, which will only make the room appear smaller and cramped. Therefore, it is better to use light and soft tones making your bathroom more inviting and appealing to use.

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