Transforming the Soaking Experience

When it comes to trends in bathroom tubs, for those “in the know”, Japanese bathtubs are starting to take the limelight. The oriental design and innovation that separate Eastern bathtubs from Western deep soaking tubs have contributed greatly to transforming the traditional soaking experience into a sumptuous lingering one.

This is because these Eastern bath tub styles are a lot more spacious and made from special wood to ensure that warmth is not lost to the surrounding bath environment. They are commonly referred to as Japanese Ofuro Bath Tubs and each perfectly captures the details of a traditional Asiatic basins.

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a Japanese woman enjoys a bath in a wooden deep soaker tub

When one becomes immersed in any of the many Japanese receptacles that are available on the market, the whole experience is similar to a soaking spa. This trending factor is particularly one of the main reasons why Oriental washbasin designs have become an essential item for those that do not want a traditional soaking tub, but an Oriental soaking container which is much deeper to immerse your whole body.

These ancient soaker tubs for the bathroom allow the bather to whisk away all their stress while they listen to their favorite songs, read an interesting story, or just drift away in their heated bathing receptacle.

If you too want to experience what it feels like to lounge in a tub from Japan, then you will be pleasantly impressed with the many Asiatic styled basins that are available and how these handmade Japanese ofuros are making their way into Western bathroom décor. Some of the most exciting “made in Japan ” products to consider for your remodeling project include:

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Immerse in a Takagi Bath Basins

Takagi bathtubs are extra-deep vessels that are perfect for washroom DIYers due to their lightweight structure and easy installation. They guarantee a chest-high immersion experience and are perfect for both small and large bathing areas given their space-saving dimensions. They do not use a lot of water and are the perfect washbasin for your bathroom if you want to keep the best of both worlds by dividing the space between a traditional soaking tub and a Zen bath.

These fixtures also have additional features to guarantee a thrilling bathing experience while your cares away. If you a picky shopper, then you will be able to find Takagi bathtubs with jets, timers, thermostats, and many other types of add-ons to have the perfect ofuro spa in your home.

In addition to these many great features, Takagi bathtubs are easy to clean and require very little maintenance. This is because they are made from fiberglass and as a result the surface of this Oriental style fixture is not a mold or soap scum magnet. These compact models cost far less than other stylish models on the market.

Saturate Your Senses With a Sakura Oriental Home Spa

The Sakura soaking tub is a luxurious home spa item that is crafted with a list of features that contribute to the hefty price tag it carries. These bathtubs are spacious enough to hold up to two people and come equipped with Aromatherapy Diffusion to help you relax. If you would like to add the medicinal sensations of color to your bathing experience then the chromatherapy feature will do just that.

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You can also choose the type of water flow you would like to provide the therapeutic touch in this luxury bath item. You can easily choose between pulsating, gentle, or an intense water flow based on your particular preferences. This is the perfect Japanese style bathtub for large bathrooms given their large dimensions.

Wash Your Cares Away in The Ofulo Japanese Bathing Vessel

The Ofulo soaking tub can be found in different models that have specific peculiarities that distinguish them from each other. The most common ones of the market are the Ofulo 1, Ofulo 3 and Ofulo 5 Japanese bathtubs. All three fixtures are made from fiber glass which prevents these manufactured goods from gathering mold and other material build up on them.

The Ofulo 3 and 5 are designed as the traditional American baths, but these Asian styled vessels have an added distinction due to the extra depth that they have. The Ofulo 1 is an Oriental soaking tub that is similar to the Takagi Japanese bathtubs mentioned earlier based on their design, compact structure, and depth.

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If you want to enjoy a relaxing bath after a very long day at work of just unwind in an inviting spa setting, then lounging in a Japanese styled tub is what you may need. While these Eastern influenced basins may not be the ideal option to “get clean” so to speak, they are nonetheless the best when a therapeutic home remedy is needed to unload stress in a relaxing receptacle that is large enough to guarantee the perfect immersion experience.

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