Looking for Kohler Faucets Repair Tips? Kohler faucets are among the most innovative, elegant and resilient bathroom faucets available to bathroom remodelers and add a special touch to the backsplash of color and design in any bathroom.

However, as with most types of bathroom fixtures and plumbing supplies, there comes a time when moving parts become worn out from repetitive use and you have to consider looking for Kohler faucet replacement parts in lieu of faucet repair.

Given the wide array of Kohler faucets that are on the market from Kohler shower faucets, Kohler tub faucets and Kohler sink faucets, you need to know how to troubleshoot common Kohler faucet and valve problems when the time comes. This job can become a bit more complicated if you don’t know which one of the types of Kohler faucets you have and as such which Kohler faucet replacement parts you need to purchase.

Repairing your Kohler faucet is not that difficult with the proper tools and know-how. In this article we will give you useful do-it-yourself tips on how to replace and fix Kohler faucets along with simple plumbing terminology that is used in the world of plumbing to help you along the way.

Kohler faucets repair tips are essential to maintain your bathroom fixtures. If your Kohler faucet is leaking you can repair it yourself to save some money. Knowing whether you have a Kohler compression faucet or a Kohler washerless faucet will help you identify which plumbing supplies to purchase when troubleshooting common Kohler faucet and valve problems in your bathroom.

Before we get into the “nuts and bolts” of how to repair a Kohler faucet, it is necessary to identify the different types of Kohler faucets that are on the market and how they operate. In essence you will find that there are “compression” and “washerless” Kohler faucets that you can install in your bathroom.

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Whether tub faucets, sink faucets, or shower faucets, the type that you decide to choose for your bathroom renovation projects or that you currently have will depend on the placement, beauty, and functionality of your faucets. Some homeowners often prioritize beauty over functionality, but it is essential that both aspects of bathroom water equipment complement each other.

The definitions for compression and washerless faucets are as follows:

Compression faucets use rubber washers that over a period of time become useless due to wear and tear. These types of washers are used to seal the valve seat and once they become faulty, you will notice that the faucet begins to leak either from the spout or base. These types of Kohler faucets are common with those that have two handles that control the hot and cold water flow.

Washerless faucets can either be ball, disk or cartridge. The design and functionality of each will vary, but these types of Kohler faucets last longer than the other Kohler accessories and fixtures mentioned above. These types of faucets are also known to develop leaking problems as well and these can easily be fixed by replacing the O-ring or neoprene seal.

Once you have identified the types of Kohler faucets that you have in your bathroom and have determined the faucet problems then the next step will be to get the necessary tools to fix the leaking areas. At times it may be necessary to remove and install a whole new faucet assembly, but this is usually the last resort if all the tips we provide below about how to fix a Kohler faucet that does not function properly.

The tools you will need to fix a Kohler faucet are:

  1. Adjustable pliers
  2. A flat point or Phillips screwdriver that will fit your specific screw size
  3. Crescent wrench
  4. Duct tape
  5. Distilled vinegar
  6. Scouring pad
  7. Rag
  8. Deep Socket Set
  9. Needlenose pliers
  10. New washers and O-rings according to the model of your Kohler faucet.

The steps involved in fixing your Kohler faucets are:

  1. Place the rag over the mouth of the drain where the bathroom faucet hangs to ensure that small screws or anything else does not fall into it.
  2. Remove the decorative handles of your Kohler faucets. This can be done with either the flat edge of a Phillips screwdriver depending on the model of your faucet. It does not matter the type of faucet that you have whether it is compressed or washerless, the removal of the decorative handle first will allow you to get into the interior of the faucet.
  3. When you have removed the decorative faucet handle then the next step will be to unscrew the packing nut that is held tightly in place. You should use the duct tape over the mouth of the wrench to ensure that you do not damage the thread in your Kohler faucets. It will also be necessary to remove both the handle screw and handle if you want to stop leaking Kohler bathroom faucets from adding extra costs to your monthly utility bill.
  4. The washer in your Kohler faucet may be difficult to remove so you will need to use a pair of needlenose pliers to reach it. If you are using a washerless Kohler faucet then you will need to remove the O-ring and replace it also.
  5. The sediments in water forms deposits over time. If you have been using your Kohler faucets for some time then there may be a build-up of lime or other deposits in or around it. You can use distilled vinegar and a scouring pad to remove the water deposits before you place your new Kohler faucets in place.

It is well known that Kohler offers a wide range of styles, colors and faucet finish materials to match just about any homeowner’s individual taste when it comes to bathroom faucets. The great thing about Kohler faucets is that they employ features to help with the installation process such as flexible connections that increase mobility.

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And most Kohler two-handle bathroom faucets have pre-assembled handles and valves that save you time when assembling. However, while Kohler faucets are made to last for years of exceptional service, nothing endures forever. Knowing how to maintain and fix your Kohler shower and bathtub faucets will not only prolong the life of your investment but will also instill peace of mind because your bathroom will function properly and look good as well.