Dodging the Renovation Bullet

You are finally able to do that remodeling in your bathing space. You have been making plans and purchasing things here and there. Don’t let your bathroom remodeling project turn into a lavatory nightmare. Avoiding these five common home remodeling mistakes can ensure that your bath renovation project is a sweet success!

Improper Ventilation

Mistake #1 – Many times people will not think to install the proper ventilation. This mistake will cause condensation from the showers and baths to stay in the room. This will make it moist and wet. When this happens, mold will be an unwanted visitor in your bathroom!

When you are making your bathroom design plan, be sure to include a vent that will expel out all that condensation. Your bathroom should also include a bathroom exhaust fan.

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Crazy Color Combinations

Mistake #2 – You may be tempted to choose colors that are “in style” for permanent fixtures. This mistake may have you wondering what was going through your mind a few years from now.

The things that are “in style” now will likely be out of style within a few years, and your permanent fixtures will still be around, “in style” or not! It is recommended to use neutral colors for your permanent fixtures. Leave the trendy designs for your towels and decorations.

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Not Waterproofing Everything

Mistake #3 – Many times, people are not familiar with bathroom tiles and they will not realize they should buy waterproof adhesive. They just assume that the fitted tiles are waterproof enough.

However, this could be a costly mistake because you will likely have to replace the tile down the line. Water and condensation can pass through the cracks and damage non-waterproof adhesive. The adhesive will eventually deteriorate and the tiles will crack and fall off the walls. This costly mistake can be avoided by simply purchasing a waterproof adhesive!

Poor Layout Choices

Mistake #4 – Not giving yourself enough space for your door is a big mistake for such a small room! Before you install your door, make sure your door will have enough room to swing fully. It seems the door is one of the last things people will install.

Unfortunately, if you do not allow enough room for your door to swing, it will likely smack up against the vanity sink or toilet. Also, if your bathroom is small, it is a good idea to have your door swing outwards.

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Not Planning for Accessibility

Mistake #5 – Making your water pipes hard to get to is a common mistake that can cost you a lot of money to fix. This one is important, as it is a costly fix that you likely did not include in your bathroom budget and can destroy all that you have created.

If you discover water pouring from the walls once you have everything put back together, you will likely need the services of a plumber. Your plumber will have to destroy your new tiling to get to your leaking pipes. Fortunately, it is completely preventable if you consider your plumbing access before you get started on your bathroom renovation project.

If you avoid these common mistakes, your bathroom remodeling project will be a success, and you will be able to enjoy that luxurious bathroom you have created.

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