A Stylistic Advantage

Moen tub faucet designs are sophisticated and timeless. My sister was bragging she had just finished remodeling her bathtub using Moen bath fixtures and I went over to take a look at her chrome Moen T932 Vestige Two-Handle High Arc Roman Tub Faucet. Now Moen has some great bathroom faucets out on the market but I must say I was quite surprised because she was a first time home renovator and her tub and shower surround looked really good.

As I walked into her master bath the first thing I notice was how sparkly and clean everything was. There was something heavenly if not almost celestial about her brand new Moen tub faucet that left me stunned with admiration and a little jealous.

The slick elephant snout spout design and attention to detail in the rounded swivel tap handles added an elegant touch to her washroom, enhancing the classical design. Sure, these Moen faucets for the tub did not come cheap at close to $300; but in a world where style comes with a high calling, Moen tub faucets are worth the extra investment!

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This bathroom taps manufacturer also has a special line for the eco-conscious consumer that is looking for “going green” faucets. The water-saving Moen tub faucets are perfect for homeowners that want to keep a “tap” on their water expenses while enjoying the beauty and style of low flow Moen bathtub taps.

However, these are not the only Moen tub faucets that manage to crank a lot of “oohss and ahhs” from homeowners; with the extensive Moen faucet collection that has been admired worldwide for its uniqueness and creative designs, anyone that wants to add something special and original can do so. Moen classical tub faucets transform the meaning of “faucet” and “water outlet” altogether by giving homeowners the latest Moen lavatory fixtures that slip quite nicely into the changing times and bath trends.

Regardless of the many years that pass, their tap designs still remain popular. Some homeowners do not know much about the versatility and variety of Moen tub faucets that are on the market but with the information we have provided below, it will become easy to join the line of trendy Moen shoppers seeking lavatory bathtub nirvana.

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Faucet Finishes

If you love attention to detail then you will be pleasantly pleased with the list of finishes that you can get for Moen tub faucets. You can easily choose between chrome, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze, antique bronze, brushed bronze, wrought iron, spot resistant brush nickel, polished brass, pewter,

Mediterranean bronze, classic brushed nickel, nickel, and even brushed chrome. This wide selection of Moen tub faucets not only gives you more options to choose from, but it makes it easy for you to transform your bathroom with elegant Moen tub fixtures.

A Refined Quality of Gracefulness and Good Taste

Another distinguishing feature with Moen tub faucets is the number of styles that are on the market. Moen bathtub faucets can be found in traditional, transitional, modern, and basic. Each style has its unique feature and nothing is copied across the board making Moen bath faucets original pieces in all sense. Some of the styles are presented in a shower and faucet combo with three distinct pieces to be used for your bathtub and shower.

Spout Shape

Functionality is an important feature that is present in many Moen tub faucets. Unlike some bathroom faucet styles that emphasize beauty, but lack functionality the attention to detail in Moen tub faucets makes them easy to install and use for many years. If you are looking for a high arc, low arc, or even open waterway all these are present in the Moen Faucet collection.

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Number of Handles

Moen tub faucets can be found in one handle, two handles, or even three handles. The number of holes in these Moen tub spouts varies from one to four holes and once again this bounces back to functionality and preference that homeowners have. Moen two handle faucets for example are perfect for those that are looking for faucets that are easy to maneuver. The Moen single handle bathtub faucets on the other hand are great for families that have playful children and want to ensure that their little tots have limited options of things they can transform into toys.

Valve Types

In the past, bathroom faucet styles did not take valve type into consideration and in many cases, only one type of valve was used. Moen has changed this approach by touching the smallest details that are in its Moen tub faucets to ensure that all preferences and tastes are met.

You can find Moen tub faucets that control volume to reduce the amount of water you use. There are also Moen tub and shower faucets that make water transfer easy as well. Additional Moen tub faucets valve types include: ExactTemp®, ioDIGITAL™, Moentrol®, Posi-Temp® and Standard. The ExactTemp® is renowned for temperature control whereas the ioDIGITAL™ makes it easy to control water flow and temperature at the same time.

So now that you are a little bit more familiar with Moen tub faucets, head on over to your nearest online or local home improvement store to get your hands on some Moen bathtub fixtures for your next washroom remodeling project.

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