In its simplest terms, the vanity is primarily a glorified piece of furniture used for storage. It is the essence of practicality and efficiency that not only houses your plumbing fittings and accessories but can also transform your bathroom into a unique and pleasant grooming area.

If you have a vanity that takes up a whole wall in your bathroom you are already aware of how it sets the tone for your entire bathroom. Whether you have a natural wood finish or painted wood, round edges or straight edges will all determine how inviting your vanity will be to your family to touch and use.

The vanity area is usually made up of a faucet and washbasin set, the countertop, the mirrors and possibly a medicine cabinet. Electrical outlets and lighting fixtures should also be taken into consideration when designing your vanity area. As you are well aware, there should be enough room in front of the vanity to open the drawers and doors with obstruction.

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Sometimes though in their haste to get the perfect vanity, people forget to allow enough wall space for a mirror and lighting. Just remember to determine precisely how much storage space you will need and plan your area for specific items to alleviate the worry of running out of room for your practical storage needs such as small appliances, cleaning, and grooming accessories.

When you purchase a modular vanity, your storage capacity will already be determined for you. So if you have specialized storage needs such as kids’ toys or eldercare accessories then getting your vanity custom made may be in your best interest.

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If custom made will be too expensive, consider that many manufacturers have coordinated prefabricated wall cabinets, tall storage cabinets, over-the-toilet cabinets, and drawer units to meet just about anyone’s storage needs. The important thing to remember here is just to make sure your new vanity fits well into your overall bathroom layout design.

Your vanity should not only relate to other storage areas and fixtures in your bathroom but should also appeal to your senses of sight and touch. Whether whimsical or utilitarian subdued and practical you should purchase a bathroom vanity that is counterbalanced to meet all your storage needs and at the same time offer a unique easy and pleasant user experience.

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