Many of us use shower heads to help save money, be more energy and water-efficient. But even when we try to manage water, nothing substitutes for the rush of water that pours on our flesh as we wash. Some shower heads don’t help much when it comes to increasing the pressure of water, so I wrote this article to help you select a top-quality shower head that can increase water pressure fast.

If you have ever tried to rinse the shampoo from your hair using a drizzly shower head, you’d know how frustrating it could be to stay there longer than you would expect, battling to have your hair washed fast. With a good quality high-pressure shower head, you’d remove the stress of cleaning up and getting shampoo out of your hair.

We have done the dirty job, and we looked at 5 top-quality shower heads that will increase water pressure coming from old pipes, low-pressure pipes, and wells.

Shower Head That Can Increase Water Pressure – 5 Shower Heads With Removable Flow Restrictors

Shower HeadWhere to Find
1Speakman S-2005-HB Hotel AnystreamSee on Amazon
2Aqua Elegante H3A011-PC High-pressureSee on Amazon
3Aqua Elegante H4D125-ORB AdjustableSee on Amazon
4HO2ME SYNCHKG072018 High-pressureSee on Amazon
5Hopopro with Adjustable Metal Swivel Ball JointSee on Amazon

Speakman S-2005-HB Hotel Anystream High-pressure Shower Head – Best Shower Head to Increase Water Pressure

Here is one of the best brands in the business of making high-pressure quality shower heads. You will find this Speakman shower head model in many high-end hotels. Coupled with the fact that the modern look and feel of this shower head is fitting for newer plumbing systems.

You can easily adjust the intensity from massage, intense to a combination of different settings. It also features self-cleaning plungers that are designed to resist the build-up of hard water and sediment, so the shower head is cleaner and requires little to no maintenance in close intervals.

The build of the shower head is sturdy, big, and top quality. The swivel is also smooth, and the water pressure improvement was just perfect. It comes with plumbing tape in case you’ll need it for installation, and it doesn’t leak after installation, irrespective of how firmly you tighten it.

I loved the quality of the material, the flow rate, which can be adjusted with a flow restrictor that comes with the shower head. My only complaint was just the color that didn’t match my bathroom, so you would have to look closely at the color, considering your bathroom décor. But overall, it remains my best option for a shower head that can increase water pressure fast.

Aqua Elegante H3A011-PC High-pressure Shower Head – Best Pressure Boosting For Low Flow Showers

The Aqua Elegante is another good quality shower head that can help you cut your shower time in half immediately after installing as it produces more pressure per minute than you would see on some other models in its range. If you have low water pressure, either as a result of older plumbing pipes, well, or just generally low-pressure pipes, the Aqua Elegante is a great fit.

The shower head is pretty flexible and it swivels more than many shower heads on the market. It comes in chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, and polished brass colors, so you’ll surely get a color that would work well with your bath.

Whether you have long, short or blonde hair, this is one amazing option for rinsing the shampoo out of your hair as fast as possible. It’s also a great option if you need a shower head for a small shower. If you’re deciding to get the 1.8GPM shower head, you should know that it comes with a flow restrictor that can be removed if you wish to increase the water flow rate up to 2.5GPM.

One thing I didn’t quite like was that the shower head holds water in the empty area. I would then have to tap the shower head after I am done taking a shower to get the extras out, for it not to collect and become stagnant.

Overall, for having a balance between too-low water pressure and not hitting painfully hard on the skin, coming with a good-quality build, and being easy to install, the Aqua Elegante is sure a recommended option for a shower head that can improve water pressure fast.

Aqua Elegante H4D125-ORB Adjustable Luxury Shower Head – High-pressure Boosting Show Head

Another top quality high-pressure shower head, with water-saving features, is this Aqua Elegante H4D125-ORB. It comes with a fairly easy installation which is a 3-step process. The removal of the flow restrictor (if you choose to remove it) and installation didn’t take up to 5 minutes, and we noticed remarkable differences in the pressure of the water.

The shower head comes in a pretty sturdy, beautiful build, and it looks cool. I noticed that you still get great water pressure if you only removed the black ring. In fact, for most installations, we left the water restrictor in the shower head and we didn’t have issues with water flow. We also noticed that there weren’t issues with leakages after we fastened the shower head.

It comes with six different pressure settings, from the traditional firm spray to the low-pressure deluge that works well for shaving. You can adjust the angle of the shower head easily.

The Aqua Elegante H4D125-ORB adjustable shower head is a good value for money, the sturdy, neat build, and the quality of the water pressure we got up from having low-pressure before the installation is just a few things I loved about the shower head.

HO2ME Handheld Shower Head with Removable flow Restrictor- Shower Head That Can Maximize Water Pressure

If you are looking for a top-quality handheld high-pressure shower head that can maximize water pressure rapidly, then the HO2ME SYNCHKG072018 is a great option. This shower head is easy to assemble and easy to install.

The spray shooting is powerful, so even if you have a low-pressure water pipe, the difference wouldn’t even be noticed. It also comes with rubber jet nozzles that don’t allow for the build-up of minerals, and it allows you easily clear any blockages with your fingers.

The installation of the shower head was in like 5 minutes. It also comes with a manual that specifies all of the installation processes, to make the installation friendly for beginners. The one thing we noticed on some installations is that when you use this high-pressure handheld shower head for high-pressure water pipes, the stream becomes very hard.

But it does a great job of increasing water from low-pressure pipes, from wells and old pipes. For its price, the ease of installation, and the fact that it solves the problem of low-pressure showers, the HO2ME SYNCHKG072018 is highly recommended.

Hopopro High-Pressure Fixed Shower Head for Low Flow Pipes and Wells

This Hopopro 2.5GPM chrome shower head is one of the best cheap high-pressure shower heads that you can find around. If you are looking for a budget high-pressure shower head that comes at a price almost half of what other options go for, and still get great water pressure, here is a good option that we can recommend.

One of the best features of this shower head is that it allows you to easily change the water direction, and I loved it for that. It also comes with 5 spray settings (massage, rain and massage, rain and mist, mist), and these settings work just well. If you are looking for a high-pressure shower head for a small shower, the Hopopro shower head is a great fit.

Installation took just 5 minutes, and it doesn’t leak after installation. You will immediately see the difference in the pressure of the water as soon as you enter the shower.

The shower head comes fitted with an extra flow resistor. 2.5GPM remains the standard set by the federal government for shower heads in the USA, but if you are getting this from California, the extra flow restrictor can be left to reduce the flow rate of the water. (The flow resistor doesn’t have much effect on the shower head pressure).

I loved the functionality and workmanship of this product. The only downside is its chrome plastic which is expected because of the price. I also loved the difference in the quality of water pressure we could get from it. And for its price, it’s a great buy if what you need is an inexpensive shower head that can increase water pressure.

These shower heads show a remarkable difference when you have low water pressure. If you already have high water pressure, chances of seeing an obvious difference with these shower heads are slimmer. But that doesn’t mean that they are not producing good-enough water pressure irrespective of the pressure you get from your plumbing system.

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