Enhancing the Washroom User Experience

Watching TV from or in the bathroom isn’t a totally new innovation; people have been positioning their TV’s outside their bathroom doors or even dragging their sets on to their bathroom countertops or toilet seats for some time, just so they can get their TV fix while performing their daily bathroom activities.

But alas eventually they just got tired of lugging those big heavytelevisions all over the place and sooner or later the novelty wore off and the inconvenience set in, so instead they just blasted the volume from the other room and listened to the commentary instead of actually watching it. Sounds familiar?

Now picture this: you come home from work stressed out as usual, you dump your sticky irritating work clothes onto your bed on your way to your sanctuary, your bathroom, immediately you turn on the bath, draw the curtains and step into the bubbles as the water gently engulfs your naked body.

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You reach down to something floating in the bubbles, your remote, and point it towards the wall, and almost as if by magic your favorite TV show that was programmed to prerecord while you were at work appears on a flat-screen TV embedded flush in your bathroom wall.

You smile to yourself as you begin to relax; this is the life, as the dancing pictures on the plasma takes you away to Never, Never Land.

Maybe you have never experienced this phenomena, but at most high end luxury hotels; this is rapidly becoming the norm.

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Starting and Ending the Day on a Positive Note

And why not bring this experience home? After all, the bathroom is the place that we spend a fair amount of time at the beginning and end of each day. In today’s world where time is weighted so heavily, it kind of makes sense to make the most of it, even while we are in the bathroom.

And with a TV in the bathroom we can keep ourselves abreast of the happenings around the world while taking a shower, a bath, or putting on your makeup. Whoever said brushing your teeth can’t be a learning experience never had a television in their bathroom!

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And the best part is you have so many different models to choose from, from cozy counter top models up to fifty-five inch wide screen divas. They range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars to fit within everyone’s budget.

So bring in that multimedia bathroom luxury hotel experience into your home bathroom. Get that heated towel rack, purchase that steam shower, install underfloor heating, and most importantly install that multimedia system with surround sound in your bathroom.

Turn your bathroom into your very own spa with all the luxuries of a big name resort right there in your home. And remember luxury is also about the finer things in life like relaxing in your bathtub while you soak with your favorite chick flick or simply catching up on the latest new gadget on TLC.

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