The three popular types of bathroom shower faucets are the overhead shower faucet, the handheld shower faucet, and the rain shower head. Based on the concept presented by the natural formation of waterfalls, shower faucets have been around since time immemorial, with numerous popular faucet designs developed and improved over time.

The falling water coming from the shower spout has always been preferred by millions of people worldwide because it is quick and efficient compared to taking a long drawn out bath using a traditional bathtub.

Aside from the fact that bathing with a shower faucet is very convenient, modern faucet design and innovation have also made it possible for households to save water while enjoying a delightful and cleansing bath which in turn has made shower faucets even more popular.

The overhead shower faucet is one of the most enduring and popular types of shower faucets found in bathrooms today. The handheld shower faucet gives you the most flexibility and allows better control of the water direction and a wide range of movements. The rain shower head is a newer and trendier popular shower faucet that makes it possible to conjure up the feel and look of a real rainfall.

We have compiled a list of the uses and benefits of three popular shower faucets that you can find in most bathrooms of today. When designing the bathroom, it is a must to consider the type of shower that you want to install, and making your choice can be quite daunting because of the wide range of choices available for shower designs.

Fortunately removing and replacing a shower head is an easy task; read on to find out more about the types of shower faucets commonly used in today’s modern bathrooms.

Overhead Shower Faucet

The ever-popular overhead shower faucet is a type of bathroom faucet that has been around for a long time. The ancient Greeks have used the concept in their communal and private shower rooms. It is a popular choice in most bathrooms because of the wide variety of styles and designs available.

This kind of shower faucet is fixed but you can adjust the angle of the showerhead and the pressure of the water while taking a bath. All you have to do is turn the shower on and take pleasure in a luxurious shower to freshen yourself up and cleanse your body from the dust, sweat, and smell that have accumulated after a whole day’s exposure.

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Handheld Shower Faucet

The handheld shower faucet is the most popular faucet choices if you are after flexibility while taking your shower. You will find this kind of showerhead beneficial if there is a handicap in the house since it can reach areas that the overhead shower cannot. Caregivers will also find the handheld shower more comfortable to use because they can avoid getting wet while bathing their patients.

The common handheld type shower only needs to be connected to a regular faucet and very easy to install. Typically, you can find it mounted on a wall using a small clamp when not in use or when you want your hands to be free while scrubbing or lathering your body with soap. The flexible hose of the handheld shower allows better control of the water direction and a wide range of movements. You will find it very convenient to use when you bathe children, shampoo pets, and rinse bathtubs especially the far corners.

Rain Shower Heads

A newer and trendier type of popular shower faucet is the rain shower head. It is similar to a fixed shower head in the way it is installed but the difference lies in the enlarged face of the water sprayer that makes it possible to conjure up the feel and look of a real rainfall. It is usually equipped with multiple settings that allow the control of water coming from the nozzle spray so you can opt to enjoy concentrated downpour or linger under a drizzle.

As we often hear, you will get what you are paying for when purchasing a bathtub faucet. If you choose to buy the cheaper models, you will most likely find yourself in the hardware store looking for another shower faucet after just a few months. The more durable shower faucets usually come with a price since the materials used are of higher quality.

The high-end shower brands that have a good reputation in the market include American Standard, Delta, and Kohler. But buying the most expensive faucets is not a requisite in acquiring a shower that will last for long. You can also get a durable faucet by choosing something mid-priced but made of quality materials.

Most people either end the day or start the day with a shower or bath. So, making the right choice is crucial in achieving a shower faucet that will suit your taste and the style of your bathroom. Although the endless list of bathroom faucet options makes it difficult to make a choice, the 3 types of popular shower faucets mentioned earlier will help you narrow down the search.

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