Refitting Your Bath for Less Than $100

Here are some quick and easy bathroom remodeling fixer-uppers that won’t break your piggy bank. If your bathroom is looking a little under the weather, there are many ways to give it new life, all for under a hundred dollars, without having to take on a full-blown bathroom renovation.

Here are a couple of examples: from painting your walls to changing your cabinet hardware to adding slatted blinds and maybe even installing a contemporary backlash, all these ideas go a long way to sprucing up a tired looking bathroom and most can be done in a couple of hours over the course of a weekend.

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You would be amazed at just how different your bathroom will look with a new coat of paint. Paint is so versatile because not only are you introducing new color into your bathroom environment; you can also introduce new texture or the illusion of texture and even depth with faux painting when remodeling your bathroom.

And don’t stop with the walls, depending upon whether your floor is wood, sheet vinyl or cement, you can paint over that floor with inspiring results. Most people overlook their bathroom cabinets, but since vanity cabinets take up a sizeable amount of visual and physical space in your bathroom, they can become the focal point of your new bathroom renaissance.

And speaking of cabinets, by simply changing the knobs and handles of your bathroom fixtures, drawers, and door and window handle in your bathroom, you can transcend your washroom from old school to modern trendy design by the simple twist of a screwdriver or drill.

Slatted wood blinds combined with streamlined non-decorative curtains are a new emerging trend in bathroom window fashion design.

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Wooden Blinds Are Seeing a Resurgence

Plastic had been the dominant blind material for a long time because of its low costs and contemporary look, but there has been an emerging resurgence in baby boomers using more earth-friendly materials such as wood instead of plastic in window dressing purchases.

And the great thing about wooden blinds is that they can be painted in any color to match your cabinets, walls, and other decor elements.

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For a quick and easy revitalization of your bathroom vanity area, peel-and-stick mirror tiles can be purchased at most home improvement stores. Another alternative is to use subway tiles as a trendy backsplash to your vanity area. Ceramic tile backsplashes are still a long-established way for do-it-yourselfers to update dilapidated looking countertops.

These are just a few of the ways you can update the look of your bathroom without spending a lot of time and money, and since the room is such a small interconnected environment, whatever slight changes that you do incorporate into your design will be visually impactful and will go a long way to refreshing the look of the room.

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