Create Clean Design Lines With Floating Fixtures

When it comes to recent bathroom trends that have caught on like wildfire, wall hung toilets, wall hung sinks and wall hung vanity cabinets come to mind. There are many benefits to having these fixtures hung from your bathroom wall, the most obvious is they take up less space and make a smaller sized bathroom look a lot roomier.

The other appeal of the wall hung phenomena is that they can be installed at what ever height is most convenient for you or your smaller family members, a convenience benefit which any bathroom user would surely appreciate.

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On the other hand if you are looking for something modern and trendy, which updates your tired old bathroom with new appeal and style, then the contemporary look of wall hung sinks, toilets and vanities is the way to go.

The benefits of these wall hung masterpieces far outweigh the cons. The most obvious disparity is the clearly visible plumbing fittings beneath wall hung sinks which is not really an issue if you don’t mind.

There are however a couple things you can do to rectify this minor inconvenience. In some design circles, bathroom designers have simply treated the plumbing as just another design element and some have even highlighted it with stylish fittings or incorporate pipe covers into the design.

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Another way to mask the problem is through the use of decorative shields as used by some pedestal sinks. If you have the room, you can simply purchase an oversized wall hung sink where the deep walls of the sink effectively obscure the plumbing, leaving only visually clean lines.

Adjusting Your Sink and Toilet to a Comfortable Height

And don’t forget if you do purchase a wall hung vanity/sink combination then you’ll never see the plumbing anyway. Problem solved. The only stipulation of wall-hung fixtures is that since they are not supported by your bathroom floor, they need a steel support frame that must either be hidden within the furniture unit or incorporated into your bathroom wall.

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Wall hung toilets are self contained which makes them easy to clean inside and out. And since wall hung bathroom fixtures make excellent use of functional space just by virtue of being attached to your bathroom wall, clean up around these stylish looking fixtures is a breeze.

And the plus side to this is that you can adjust your toilet, vanity or sink to any comfortable height. Most wall hung toilets offer the extra comfort of an elongated toilet bowls which by virtue are much more comfortable than their round counter parts.

And we have not forgotten about you baby boomers out there, as this aging portion of our populace is getting older, having a wall hung sink or toilet is perfect for elderly persons because it provides easier access for wheelchairs and walkers.

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